GameSwift Releases Its Latest Product Update while Planning to Onboard the Next Milion Web3 Gamers

GameSwift Releases Its Latest Product Update while Planning to Onboard the Next Milion Web3 Gamers

October 20, 2022

With 40% of the population playing video games and no less than six billion dollars invested in web3 gaming projects in the first half of 2022, blockchain gaming is set out to bring the next billion users to crypto. 

GameSwift, a gaming-focused ecosystem, which recently announced its strategic partnership with Polygon, takes advantage of this trending approach and introduces its revolutionary tools for all gaming enthusiasts who want to explore the web3 world.

The boom in crypto gaming has already started, as 51% of the entire blockchain usage is related to the gaming sector. While 80% of the gaming population (according to Bartle’s research) tends to spend time in front of the screen to socialize and connect with others, it’s no wonder that web2-based digital distribution platforms such as Steam continue to grow in popularity. 

However, up to this point, there was no such solution related to crypto gaming as gamers and major game publishers remain cautious with web3 games. GameSwift’s vision is to fill that void, show up to change the dynamic, and introduce a platform for playing, developing, and building communities in web3 gaming. Through its upcoming partnerships, the ecosystem aims to onboard a massive amount of one million players into the world of web3 gaming.

The GameSwift Platform: Steam suited to web3

As announced last month, GameSwift will not confine itself to a regular gaming platform. The project aims high with ambitious plans of becoming a one-stop shop for all things web3 gaming. 

Starting with the Platform, which will work similarly to its web2-based precursors of digital distribution granting users seamless access to a robust library of games, GameSwift will work its way into providing a comprehensive set of tools and services for all web3 gaming fans – players and builders.

The GameSwift team will cherry-pick the gaming projects of high quality and list them on the Platform to save you time and effort on researching different gaming projects and finding relevant information. It also means no more trouble browsing multiple websites to find, download, and run a game. 

GameSwift gives a platform to find quality projects within easy reach where users can launch and try out the games they find compelling inside the app. It simply makes things faster.

Investment opportunities are also part of the Platform experience. Suppose you’re familiar with StarTerra, or any other well-known launchpad platform such as Dao Maker, etc. In that case, you will enjoy easy onboarding for INOs and IGOs on the GameSwift Platform and leverage the advanced SocialFi tools in the meantime.

Having previous experience as a launchpad operating on Terra, the GameSwift team took away the lessons and identified the current challenges faced by the web3 gaming environment. One of them is the lack of a decentralized and interoperable gaming infrastructure. 

Web3 game developers are already building across dozens of competing, non-interoperable blockchains. A well-developed infrastructure will be necessary to support cross-chain interoperability and further growth of the web3 gaming sector. That is precisely why GameSwift introduces its proprietary solutions enabling seamless use of blockchain technology for all users. A flagship product making users feel fluent in navigating web3 is the GameSwift ID. – says Wojciech Gruszka, CEO of GameSwift.

Single sign-on solution for blockchain – GameSwift ID

We’re transferring a well-known single sign-on solution into the blockchain. You don’t have to store multiple passwords or seed phrases. With GameSwift ID, you need just one account and one set of credentials to launch multiple dApps and games and access all your digital assets.  – he continues. 

This way, we’re increasing personal security and lowering the entry barrier for crypto newbies. Imagine the possibility of signing into your favorite game with one account like Google or Apple ID instead of using various wallets, chains, and networks. It is the only solution of this kind on the crypto market.

But, the GameSwift ID is much more than an easy way to sign in! After logging in, users can browse through various projects and enter their unique gaming profiles to track their achievements and statistics from games and easily compare them with other fellow gamers. All that without performing multiple complicated actions, mastering cross-chain transfers, and switching between wallets. Because of its ease of use, GameSwift ID is a jumpstart into the Web3 world for users just onboarding into crypto.

As part of the ID functionalities, GameSwift is implementing a built-in wallet that can be linked with other major Web3 wallets such as MetaMask, WalletConnect, Trust Wallet, or Phantom. In the future, the team aims to make the wallet available beyond EVM-compatible chains like Solana or Near.

GameSwift SDK – Tools for all developers

A huge contribution to the web3 gaming boom have, of course, the builders! It’s they who amaze us with engaging gaming experiences and enjoyable technological solutions. The team realizes that building the entire infrastructure from scratch is demanding and prone to issues, e.g., high maintenance and development costs. Such issues distract builders from what matters – creating an exciting gaming experience built around bringing digital ownership to players. 

Thanks to GameSwift SDK, developers are not required to learn any blockchain-specific programming languages to deploy their apps and can entirely focus on creating the best possible product. It doesn’t matter if you write in Python, Java, or C#; GameSwift offers a unique set of tools for all developers keen on creating high-quality blockchain-based projects.

The list of GameSwift products seems endless! But they’re all focused on delivering the highest quality and the most seamless user experience attracting traditional gaming enthusiasts to try their hand at web3 games. 

With such a vision in mind, the GameSwift team is working hard on delivering the promised tools, and it seems that the first products will be launched sooner than we thought. Wojciech Gruszka, the CEO, shares that we won’t have to wait for 2023 to test out the first GameSwift products. Well, we can’t wait to give it a try!

If you’d like to participate in empowering the next generation of web3 games and are a passionate creator who aims to bring to life an immersive web3-based gaming adventure, the applications are now open. Fill in the application form here to launch your game with GameSwift!


GameSwift is a one-stop gaming ecosystem that aims to introduce cross-chain interoperability to web3 gaming. Chain, Web3 Infrastructure, Platform, and Gaming Studio are the four well-designed and integrated pillars of the GameSwift ecosystem. Our original infrastructure facilitates implementing blockchain technology and sharing in-game resources for game developers and lets the players enjoy their gaming experience to the fullest.

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