For Biden, Crypto Is Just a Tool for Spying on People

For Biden, Crypto Is Just a Tool for Spying on People

November 28, 2022

Not long ago, an article emerged claiming Biden is using the crypto space to spy on people.

Biden Is Using Crypto to See What People Are Doing

The article said the government was “chipping away” at people’s financial freedoms and doing little to let them know what was going on. Financial privacy is clearly suffering under this administration, and it’s plausible to assume few people realize what’s happening.

There are several things one can say to this, the first one being “Duh!” in fat, bold letters. For anyone who thought Biden was going to do anything straightforward or even right as president, they’re likely learning their lesson the hard way right about now. When your big claim to fame is a 90s crime bill that’s responsible for the incarceration of more people of color than any other form of legislation in the U.S., you’re in big trouble.

Under the guise of things like “infrastructure” bills, Biden and the madmen that work with him have consistently tried to create a world in which crypto users and other financial players have the curtain drawn back on their activities. The infrastructure bill introduced in the summer of 2021, for example, was not about rebuilding our roads and hospitals like the word “infrastructure” would suggest. Instead, the document contained verbiage aimed directly at crypto users.

In the bill, it was detailed that crypto holders should be on the lookout come 2024, as beginning in that year, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) would start coming down hard on anyone engaged in the crypto space or who were trading digital assets.

There have also been assertions in the past that Biden is potentially looking to ban bitcoin altogether, and he is now aiming to bolster the IRS with more than 80,000 new agents. What kinds of tasks do you think those agents will be engaged in? They’re being put in place not for our benefit; any expert can tell you that.

Using people’s financial information to go after them falls directly in line with the communist and socialist ideals that Biden has often indirectly touted. What’s funny is that Biden initially billed himself as a moderate democrat, yet if one remembers in the debates between himself and President Donald Trump, he often refused to answer hardcore questions like whether he would pack the Supreme Court.

A Terrible Lack of Transparency

Not responding leaves many to assume the answer is secretly “yes,” and he’s trying to conceal those plans. Biden also went so far as to claim that Antifa – a terrorist organization – did not exist in physical form but was simply an idea.

An idea… Try telling that to the entrepreneurs who had their businesses destroyed by gang members operating under the Antifa name. This latest news of using crypto to spy on users is just another example of Biden’s continued sneakiness and cowardice.

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