Dana Nessel Discusses How You Can Avoid Crypto Scams

Dana Nessel Discusses How You Can Avoid Crypto Scams

May 6, 2023

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Michigan has become a state where crypto fraud runs rampant, and the region’s attorney general Dana Nessel is warning citizens about what they can do to ensure they never fall victim to digital currency scammers or fraud.

Dana Nessel on How to Avoid Crypto Fraud

In a statement, Nessel said older adults are often targeted by bad actors as they assume they’ll be unfamiliar with new technology waves or how applications work. Thus, they feel they’re the most vulnerable and can be convinced that a scam is, in fact, legitimate. Nessel said:

Cryptocurrency is a new, complex market that causes confusion among even seasoned investors, and bad actors are exploiting this arena to victimize people of all ages.

In a press release, Nessel as well as the Michigan State Police said nobody should withdraw cash at branches they often use or go to. This is the easiest way to get caught in something you’ll wind up regretting later. Also, never lie to branch tellers or other bank employees about why you’re withdrawing money. Sometimes, telling them the truth is all that’s needed to get authorities in play and ensure scammers are taken down.

Also, if anyone receives a phone call that offers instructions on how to get money out of an ATM, that call should be ignored. If a person does wind up answering the call, never leave it open or let the cell phone lie around. Nessel said:

Residents should be wary of unsolicited requests from strangers on the phone or internet and especially requests to make bank withdrawals or deposits at cryptocurrency kiosks or bitcoin ATMs.

In conclusion, legitimate crypto investment opportunities will never come from people you know, nor will they be delivered via social media pages. Thus, if you’re told to send someone money through Facebook or a similar platform, these words shouldn’t be adhered to. Also, be sure to inform authorities right away if you receive such communication.

Detective First Lt. James Ellis – commander of the MSP Cyber Section – said Michigan is becoming a hotbed of crypto crime, and that the wave is increasing across the country. He said:

Online exchanges are being exploited more frequently with the account holders’ crypto being stolen, like a bank robber stealing funds from your bank’s safe, but much easier. Bad actors are also calling and emailing victims directly, duping them out of their crypto and cash with get rich schemes, romance scams, or by creating false emergencies that must be dealt with immediately, playing on the victim’s emotions.

Never Trust Someone You Don’t Know

He concluded by saying you should never let someone you don’t know access your computer or accounts. He commented:

Never allow anyone you don’t know remote access to your computer or accounts when they offer assistance to help.

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