Cryptostarbot to Expand into NFT, Metaverse Ecosystem

June 15, 2022

Cryptostarbot is an AI-driven firm mainly focused on robotics technology. It offers services to businesses across different industry sectors who want to integrate AI into their day-to-day activities.

The crypto community leverages its technology to own mining farms and rent hash power to miners within the Community. The company builds trading bots with a proven winning algorithm that works in different markets to generate substantial profits on the investments of its customers. Customers can choose a Personal bot for unlimited profits or use the general bots where the profits are limited.

The bots use artificial intelligence and have been tested and proven across different markets. They work with small amounts at high speed and receive data from the MIT algorithm, check the position by indicators, and choose a strategy.

Having installed its sophisticated technology, Cryptostarbot has surpassed its projected growth expectation in just three years of its launch. The project raised $200 million in a funding round in 2021 and is now entering the NFT ecosystem through artificial intelligence.

Like cryptocurrencies, NFTs are verifiable digital assets that are stored on blockchains such as Ethereum. They can also be traded on supported platforms such as OpenSea.

Metaverse is another blockchain-based innovation that has been trending lately. It is a virtual world made up of different aspects of our digital and real lives. Metaverse combines real life and the virtual world to create a virtual reality that is likely to take over the mobile internet.

Cryptostarbot Giveaway

Following the huge crash in the cryptocurrency market, Cryptostarbot has decided to support and give back to the crypto community in a giveaway. Beneficiaries will be randomly selected from among users of Cryptostarbot, Crypto channels and exchanges, wallet providers, and crypto forums.

Apart from empowering lucky winners, the giveaway is aimed at getting new users and a loyal community of web3 supporters for Cryptostarbot as the project intends to enter the space. 

Rewards will be embedded in smart contracts and winners will need to activate with a code and pay gas fees for funds to be deposited in their wallets. Gifts will be transferred to another winner if beneficiaries don’t redeem them within a period of time. 

Cryptostarbot already has plans on the ground to enter the NFT and Metaverse space and will soon do that as the NFT industry is growing at such a fast rate.

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