Crypto Bull Elon Musk Says He's Going Red in Upcoming Elections

Crypto Bull Elon Musk Says He's Going Red in Upcoming Elections

July 12, 2022

Crypto bull Elon Musk has shifted from being a lifelong democrat to a republican.

Elon Musk Is Becoming a Republican

Musk has commented that the democrat party has become one of “division” and “hate” and that after a long life of supporting blue politics, he now seeks to support members of the GOP. He’s already taken a serious move in this direction after helping Mexican-born Republican congressional candidate Mayra Flores get elected to Texas’ 34th Congressional District – an area that has been under democrat rule for several decades.

Musk says he cast his first-ever Republican vote in that special election, and he’s hoping to keep the trend up. He further stated that in 2024, should Ron DeSantis – the current republican governor of Florida – run for president, Musk will quickly offer him his vote.

Musk, like many residents of the United States, is seeing firsthand in recent months and years that the democrats of today continually exhibit poor track records. While there are exceptions to this rule such as in the case of Joe Manchin of West Virginia, many have made it their goal to simply say whatever needs to be said to become elected.

Look at Trump’s presidential record and compare it to Biden’s, for example. Many people often commented that they didn’t care for Trump’s tweets, feeling they were childish and mean-spirited in nature. While this may have been true, Trump kept America safe by reducing illegal immigration more than 80 percent with the construction of his new border wall. There was also record-low unemployment to brag about, the stock market was often high, and there was a resounding sense of patriotism that seemed to keep people together.

By contrast, Biden doesn’t issue angry or “mean” tweets. No, his social media presence is kept largely under wraps (one could argue his “lack” of social media presence given that nearly half of his Twitter followers were proven to be fake in a recent audit), but the country is now stuck facing record inflation, high food and gas prices, a southern border crisis, and the Afghanistan debacle that will arguably stain America’s history books for many years to come.

At the end of the day, it now looks like many Americans would rather have a stable country and mean tweets than a “nice old man” that lets the nation turn to trash. A new poll suggests that more citizens of the United States now prefer Trump over Biden and would vote for him if he chooses to run again in the 2024 presidential election.

No More “Division” and “Hate”

Musk is calling for a “red wave” in the 2022 midterm elections and said of the democrat party:

They have become the party of division and hate, so I can no longer support them and will vote republican.

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