Cameron Winklevoss: A Big Crypto Bull Run Is Coming

Cameron Winklevoss: A Big Crypto Bull Run Is Coming

March 24, 2023

Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many other leading digital currencies are coming to form after the horrors of 2022. They are experiencing solid bull runs, and Cameron Winklevoss – one half of the Winklevoss Twins – is claiming that a big bull run is heading our way, and that the U.S. needs to begin embracing crypto as a whole or risk being left behind forever.

Cameron Winklevoss Thinks Big Things Will Happen for Crypto

2022 was easily the worst year on record for bitcoin and its crypto cousins. The world’s number one digital currency by market cap rose through the ranks at the end of 2021 to hit a new all-time high, and one unit of BTC was – at one stage – trading for just under $69,000.

However, by the end of the following year, bitcoin had fallen to the mid-$16K range, thus losing more than 70 percent of its overall value. It was a rough and terrible sight to see, but the problem wouldn’t end there. Many other forms of crypto chose to follow in BTC’s footsteps, and the crypto space wound up losing more than $2 trillion in overall valuation. Many investors likely saw their digital wallets drained over the course of 12 or 13 months.

However, 2023 has been relatively different, with bitcoin recently hitting the $25K mark. That’s the highest it’s been in six months, and many believe that the crypto space is once again enjoying bullish trends that could see it experience a massive rally in the coming months. One of those people is Cameron Winklevoss, who stated in a recent interview:

My working thesis [at the moment] is that the next bull run is going to start in the east.

Cameron Winklevoss appears to be basing his sentiment on the idea that Hong Kong – a region in China – and its securities regulator are going to allow retail investors to trade BTC, ETH, and several other digital currencies, which China has been against for about a year and a half. This will occur under a new crypto exchange licensing regime that the region will be introducing in the coming weeks.

The U.S. Needs to Get Serious

Cameron says that the United States could potentially learn a lot from Hong Kong in that it’s going to be allegedly implementing very clear crypto regulations, something America has never quite done. The rules in the U.S. surrounding crypto are still quite confusing, and he thinks it’s time regulators got serious about the situation. He said:

Any government that doesn’t offer clear rules and sincere guidance will be left in the dust quickly. This will mean missing out on the greatest period of growth since the rise of the commercial internet. It will mean missing out on shaping and being a foundational part of the future financial infrastructure of this world (and beyond).

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