Building the blockchain industry despite market drops and regulation threats

Building the blockchain industry despite market drops and regulation threats

August 4, 2022

“The cryptocurrency market is the only truly free market that exists in the financial universe,” said Dan Tapiero, CEO of 10T Holdings, during a recent video discussion with Cointelegraph Research. 

A major concern of venture capital (VC) and investment firms as of late has been centered around regulation from different countries around the globe. While the theme of the discussion was on regulation, the conversation also touched upon how these different members of the crypto space see the future of the industry.

Investors undaunted by regulation

Each of the panel members brought their own perspective: Dan Tapiero’s 10T Holdings is a mid-stage private equity investment firm and has decades of experience. Smiyet Belrhiti is the managing partner for Keychain Ventures, which provides institutional investors exposure to the blockchain and Web3 ecosystems through funds and co-investment opportunities. The CEO of layer-1 protocol Devvio, Tom Anderson, brings the perspective of a crypto company that is getting ready for the potential regulations.–xLs1N4778

The panel also discussed the current state of the crypto market, VC activity in the crypto space, trends during the second quarter of 2022 and what may be on the horizon in the future. Even with all the FUD looming over different parts of the blockchain industry, the panelists in the interview remained positive that regulation would either help the space in general or would be impractical in its enforcement.

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