3AC's Su Zhu Answers Arthur Hayes' Twitter Jabs With Restraining Order

3AC's Su Zhu Answers Arthur Hayes' Twitter Jabs With Restraining Order

May 10, 2023


Three crypto juggernauts spar in a 2 v 1 social media debt match after a massive hedge fund crashed last summer and a plea deal following loose AML checks at a major exchange.

Co-founder of the BitMEX trading Arthur Hayes has been served by a Singapore court following a public spat with Su Zhu and Kyle Davies, co-founders of bankrupt crypto hedge fund Three Arrows Capital otherwise known as 3AC.

Hayes has poked at the pair on Twitter since 3AC crashed last year. After Zhu and Davies resurfaced for a Bloomberg interview months after their company collapsed, Hayes laid into them for their rhetoric regarding fraud allegations and corporate malpractice.

Common y'all. Su ain't flashy, he rides his bike to work and to the marina where his superyacht is moored.

ONLY 2 homes, brah you straight slumming it in the Kampong aka Tanglin. pic.twitter.com/hFhEs8jyBV

The court order issued on behalf of Zhu bars Hayes from communicating with him or his co-founder Davies “by any means”. Hayes cannot publish any messages that threaten, abuse, or insult 3AC’s former executives, per Harassment Court Judge Sandra Looi Ai Lin’s restraining order.

In April, Hayes demanded his “f****** money” after pointing to “big money” raised by Zhu and Davies from the Bahrain Sovereign Wealth Fund. The money mentioned is $6 million that Hayes says the Three Arrows founders owe him.

A little birdie told me @zhusu & @KyleLDavies raised big money from Bahrain SWF. They are trading via Tai Ping Shan. Be Warned. I want my fucking money.

Hayes Trolls 3AC Execs From Home Detention, OPNX Launches

Hayes’ 2022 was not absent of controversy on the back of federal prosecution for loose anti-money laundering (AML) checks at BitMEX. In February 2022, Hayes pleaded guilty to the charges and was served six months of home arrest instead of a prison sentence.

It was during this home detention that 3AC collapsed and Hayes began a barrage of social media posts trolling Zhu, Davies, and their hedge fund.

Zhu and Davies also started a new crypto venture in OPNX despite leading 3AC into a hole $1 billion deep at least.

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