Uvalde Native Matthew McConaughey Meets With Biden, Manchin, Pelosi & Lindsey Graham And Says, “The Solution Must Come From Both Sides”

Uvalde Native Matthew McConaughey Meets With Biden, Manchin, Pelosi & Lindsey Graham And Says, “The Solution Must Come From Both Sides”

June 17, 2022

“This is and was about gun responsibility,” reads the text at the opening of a video Uvalde native Matthew McConaughey posted this afternoon on social media. The black and white video goes on to show he and wife Camila Alves — presumably last week after he made an emotional statement about gun violence during a White House briefing — meeting with over 30 members of Congress on both sides of the aisle.

The actor’s visit to D.C. came in the wake of the school shooting in Uvalde earlier this month which killed 19 students and 2 adults.

In the footage, he’s seen speaking with or listening to Lindsey Graham, Joe Manchin, Corey Booker, Kyrsten Sinema, Kevin McCarthy, Jerry Nadler and Nancy Pelosi — as well as President Biden.

“This is about mental health, safer schools AND keeping guns out of the IRresponsible hands that, by rule of law, still have access to them today,” says text onscreen.

“For ourselves, for our children, Republicans, Democrats and our fellow Americans…It’s time to be responsible.”

Earlier this month, the Austin American-Statesman newspaper published a lengthy letter from the actor in which he described himself as “a father and a gun owner, the son of a kindergarten teacher, and a Texan from Uvalde now living in Austin,” and called for Americans to “step up” and create change in “gun responsibility,” including enacting background checks, Red Flag Laws and age upping the requirement on semi-automatic firearms to 21.

Politico reported yesterday that McConaughey retained the D.C. lobbying firm Avisa Partners to represent him in the nation’s capital.


The registration, filed on Wednesday, is under the name of an Encino, Calif., holding company registered to McConaughey, Barefoot Money Inc. The form also shows that the group of Washington veterans at Avisa Partners will lobby on issues relating to “responsible gun ownership.”

The Oscar winner spent the first 12 years of his life in Uvalde, which is about 80 miles west of San Antonio and where earlier this month a teen with an an AR-15 rifle massacred 19 students and 2 adults. McConaughey took his family, including his kids, to visit the memorial to the victims of the shooting, which he later said took place about a mile from where his mother once taught school.

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