‘Saturday Night Live’ Cold Open Riffs On The Warm Weather Return Of The “Freaks, Crazies And Weirdos” To Central Park

‘Saturday Night Live’ Cold Open Riffs On The Warm Weather Return Of The “Freaks, Crazies And Weirdos” To Central Park

April 16, 2023

Saturday Night Live went apolitical for its cold open, instead riffing on the return of warm weather to New York — something that also means the return of all the “freaks, crazies and weirdos” to Central Park.

Taking a break from Trump, Biden and Fox News, SNL instead chose a satire on the most annoying New Yorkers to be found in the park as the temperature rise: The older man doing an aggressive power walk, the perverts with binoculars, the woman learning to rollerblade, the park employees getting high on the job, the lady on her phone loudly trying to explain to someone where she is, the grown man with a drone, and the guy with a clipboard “who wants to know if you have a second for a good cause.” And there is a crazy man with a microphone, along with a woman who “will be debating the nonsense that I scream as if I am a rational man whose kind can be changed.”

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The segment actually allowed the show to feature more members of the SNL cast than is typical for an opener, with Bowen Yang and Heidi Gardner as red carpet correspondents introducing the cast of irksome characters as a “First Warm Day Of The Year Arrivals Show.”

“Here in New York City, the temperature hit 90 degrees this week, a full two months ahead of schedule,” Gardner says. “And while that may be terrifying on a climate level, the warm weather can only mean one thing: All the freaks, crazies and weirdos are headed to Central Park. And we’re expecting to see some iconic park people today.”

“The mood here is electric,” Yang says. “The smell of halal food and horse manure is in the air.”

Then he introduces the older man doing the power walk (Mikey Day), who notes that he is wearing “the tightest spandex shirt of all time, little shorts and a weird heart rate monitor strapped to my arm.” Then the man does a preview of his walk and what he says on the way: “Behind you, behind you, behind you, behind you on your left. Behind you. And there it is.”

Later in the sketch, Gardner introduces the “crazy man with a microphone,” played by Kenan Thompson, who demonstrates how he debates a woman. “I got herpes from 5G!” he shouts. “That’s not even possible!” she screams back.

The final irritating person was “wealthy woman and child,” with Chloe Fineman, in designer outfit and carrying an expensive handbag, explaining that she is taking her son Riley to the playground “where I will snap into an immediate panic if I lose sight of him for even one second.” Of course, seconds later Riley has disappeared. “Riley. RILEY!”

Given that it really was unseasonably warm weather this weekend in NYC, this is going to be a long spring and summer in the park.

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