Justin Lin’s Perfect Storm Entertainment Partners With (Art)ificial Entertainment On NFT Collection ‘Galaxy Eggs’

Justin Lin’s Perfect Storm Entertainment Partners With (Art)ificial Entertainment On NFT Collection ‘Galaxy Eggs’

October 28, 2022

Justin Lin’s production banner, Perfect Storm Entertainment has set a joint venture with (art)ificial, the art & tech studio behind the NFT sci-fi collection Galaxy Eggs, where the two companies share underlying rights to the complete Galaxy Eggs saga. That franchise includes Galaxy Eggs, Galaxy Warriors and the soon to be released Galaxy Genesis and as co-owners and co-producers of the series, Perfect Storm will be able to explore cross-platform franchising opportunities to build out the universe, pioneering a new way of creating and releasing content. Andrew Schneider will oversee the project for Perfect Storm.

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This deal is unique for a production company because historically, NFTs are created from established IP. This is different because PSE and (art)ificial are reverse engineering that process. Their intention to be the first company to build a Hollywood franchise from original NFT art.

Created by artist Gal Barkan and engineered by Mr Bob and Gili Gilik, Galaxy Eggs is the first community-driven Web3 sci-fi universe based on NFTs. The saga explores a future where humans and AI intersect, and philosophical questions arise. The collection was released in September 2021 and sold out in minutes. The sequel project Galaxy Warriors was released in January 2022 and again sold out immediately.

“It’s a really exciting time in this space,” say Lin and Schneider. “Gal, Mr Bob and Gili Gilik have created an entire immersive digital universe. Their incredible art sparked our imagination and made us ask if the next Hollywood franchise could originate from Web3. Our ambition is to create a franchise from the ground up inspired by Gal’s artwork. ”

Upcoming, PSE and (art)ificial will release their first collaboration, the Galaxy Genesis collection: a limited set of 1/1 sci-fi art works that serve as the foundation world building of the Galaxy Eggs saga. Additionally, the team is also working on a graphic Galaxy Eggs NFT novel.

“This is an amazing vote of confidence in the Galaxy Eggs brand,” says Barkan, the artist behind the collections. “Justin Lin and the Perfect Storm team are phenomenal and I can’t think of better partners to join us in this journey and build the Galaxy Eggs franchise.”

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