Biden Announces Actions To Lower Health Care Costs, Crack Down On Junk Insurance

Biden Announces Actions To Lower Health Care Costs, Crack Down On Junk Insurance

July 14, 2023

President Joe Biden has announced a series of actions under a core pillar of his “Bidenomics” agenda to lower health care costs and crack down on surprise junk fees for American families and consumers.

New rules proposed by the Administration would close loopholes that allow companies to offer misleading insurance products that can discriminate based on pre-existing conditions and trick consumers into buying products that provide little or no coverage when they need it most.

These plans leave families surprised by thousands of dollars in medical expenses when they actually use health care services like a surgery. If finalized, the rule would limit so-called “short-term” plans to truly short-time periods and establish a clear disclosure for consumers of the limits of these plans.

The Administration is releasing important guidance on rules against surprise medical billing. New guidance will help stop providers from gaming the system by evading the surprise billing rules with creative contractual loopholes that still leave consumers with unexpected costs.

The Biden Administration is also announcing new steps to protect consumers from unfair medical debt. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, HHS, and Treasury are collaborating to explore whether health care provider and third-party efforts to encourage consumers to sign up for these products are operating outside of existing consumer protections and breaking the law. Medical credit cards and loans often lead to higher costs without consumers fully understanding the risks.

The Department of Health and Human Services is releasing a new report showing that nearly 19 million seniors and other Part D beneficiaries are projected to save $400 per year on prescription drugs when President Biden’s $2,000 out-of-pocket cap goes into effect.

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