UK weather – Lightning bolt 'hits rainbow' as two weeks of rain set to fall in just three hours tomorrow

UK weather – Lightning bolt 'hits rainbow' as two weeks of rain set to fall in just three hours tomorrow

August 17, 2020

A "ONE in a million" moment was captured on camera in North Wales as a lightning bolt hit the curvature of a rainbow.

It comes as the Met Office issued a yellow weather warning for rain on Tuesday, with 50mm of water expected to fall in just three hours.

Steven Miller, 33, was taking a personal training class in Wrexham, north Wales, as the storm stuck near his home.

Seconds after getting his smartphone out to snap the storm, a large bolt of lightning crossed the sky, following the path of the rainbow's curve.

He said: "It was a case of being in the right place at the right time.

"It was just perfect. I was actually crying when I saw it. It was just beautiful to see. It was a one in a million shot.

"Some people have said it's the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow."


Meanwhile the Met Office has said two weeks worth of rain will pour down on Britain in just three hours on Tuesday, folowing "biblical floods" across the country.

A yellow weather warning for rain has been issued for parts of Scotland.

Met Office forecaster Steven Keats, told the Sun Online: "A few places could see 50mm in two to three hours, which is enough to bring localised flooding.

"Scotland’s looking the wettest tomorrow and there will showers through the morning in the north west of England. Northern Wales will also get quite wet."

The average rainfall for areas in Scotland in August is around 90mm – meaning more than half a month's rain will pour down on Tuesday.

The south of England and Wales will see a day of sunshine and showers tomorrow, with some thunderstorms tailing off across the country.

Mr Keats said: “Today will be the last day that we’ll see big thunderstorms kicking off.

"The thunder element of it reducing in comparison to recent days and the heat and humidity is coming down as well."


It comers after the country was battered by “biblical” storms and extreme temperatures over the last week.

In Bishop’s Stortford, Hertfordshire, fire crews were called to rescue two people and a dog after their car got stuck in floodwater.

Floods also hit Essex with a string of roads affected.

Dagenham, in East London, was left partially underwater as the streets turned into rivers, damaging people's homes.

And Greater Anglia said floods had delayed and cancelled train services in the Colchester area.

The Meadows shopping centre in Chelmsford was evacuated due to a fire as thunderstorms struck.

And Red Arrows displays in London, Cardiff, and Edinburgh to commemorate VJ Day were called off due to bad weather.

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