UK tourist finds Brooklyn Airbnb room is tiny ‘cupboard’ under stairs

UK tourist finds Brooklyn Airbnb room is tiny ‘cupboard’ under stairs

September 1, 2019

British tourist finds £30 Brooklyn Airbnb room is actually a tiny ‘Harry Potter cupboard’ under the stairs with only room for an inflatable mattress

  • Zoe Reeve paid £30-a-night for narrow room on Airbnb in a Brooklyn apartment
  • She knew the room was small but was shocked to see only a mattress was inside
  • The 26-year-old posted a video on social media of the ‘Harry Potter cupboard’ 
  • British tourist was visiting New York for the colourful Labor Day Carnival parade

A British tourist discovered her £30-a-night Airbnb room in Brooklyn was a tiny cupboard under the stairs with just enough room for an inflatable mattress.

Zoe Reeve arrived at her rented room to find it was a cramped, narrow space under a staircase with only a ‘dirty’ and ‘thin’ air bed on the floor.

The 26-year-old said she knew the room in the shared apartment would be small but was shocked to discover how tiny the dimensions were up close when she arrived on Friday.

She also discovered the camping mattress and duvet were ‘very thin’ and was not even clean, Ms Reeve said in a video posted online. 

In a now-deleted clip posted on Twitter and Instagram she said: ‘It’s literally a little cupboard with a mattress on the floor. 

‘The hilarious part is my bedroom. Can you please bear in mind I’m paying £30 a night for this and it was the cheapest Airbnb I could find in the whole area.’ 

The tiny and narrow ‘cupboard’ under a staircase in a Brooklyn apartment which British tourist Zoe Reeve paid £30-a-night on Airbnb 

Ms Reeve expected the room to be small but was shocked to discover only a mattress would fit in the cramped space 

Ms Reeve, who was visiting New York from the UK for the Labor Day Carnival parade, said she booked the cheapest room she could find on Airbnb a few weeks ago and paid $27 per night.

As well as the cramped conditions and small bed, Ms Reeve also found the tiny room did not have a plug socket.  

She added the bedding provided by the host was only a very thin camping air mattress that ‘feels like you’re just sleeping on a yoga mat’.

Ms Reeve told Insider: ‘I booked the Airbnb because I’m not fussy about accommodation when I travel. I obviously booked the cheapest accommodation in Brooklyn, so I knew it wasn’t going to be amazing, and I normally choose the cheapest one wherever I go.’

‘The worst part of the room is probably the bed, but also the fact that it gets super hot because there’s no fan, so I have to sleep with the window open, which is obviously not safe and also means I can hear everyone shouting in the street outside.’ 

Alongside footage of her entering the small room, Ms Reeve also posted pictures of the Airbnb advert to show she knew it would not be particularly spacious.

The cupboard under the stairs set design for the Harry Potter films. Social media users likened the room Ms Reeve rented to the young wizard’s cramped conditions 

Ms Reeve posted footage of her entering the narrow room, which was just about big enough for her suitcase and an air bed

But despite the advert, Ms Reeve added she was surprised the room did not contain a proper mattress and only had a camp bed.  

Ms Reeve told Insider: ‘I’m happy Airbnb exists with a variety of spaces because it allows somebody like me to travel on a budget. 

‘Ridiculous accommodation is all part of the adventure. It’s just another story to tell my future grandchildren.’ 

Social media users were quick to compare the cramped room with the cupboard Harry Potter lives in while staying with his aunt and uncle. 

One Twitter user said: ‘The Dudley’s [sic] renting out Harry Potter’s room now.’

Another joked on social media: ‘Oh, you got the Harry Potter Room.’

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