Trump ‘boasted he has built an incredible top secret “nuclear weapons system” that no one has ever seen before’

Trump ‘boasted he has built an incredible top secret “nuclear weapons system” that no one has ever seen before’

September 9, 2020

DONALD Trump claimed to have built an incredible top secret nuclear "weapons system that nobody’s ever had in this country before," a bombshell book has claimed.

Watergate journalist Bob Woodward quoted the president boasting about his formidable stash of deadly weapons in his new book, "Rage."

His first book about the president was called "Fear," which Trump described as a "work of fiction" – but he still chatted with again Woodward back in January.

Speaking about his nuclear assets, Trump said: “I have built a nuclear — a weapons system that nobody’s ever had in this country before.

"We have stuff that you haven’t even seen or heard about. We have stuff that [Vladimir] Putin and Xi [Jinping] have never heard about before.

"There’s nobody — what we have is incredible.”

Woodward then cited anonymous sources who confirmed this weapons system existing without providing any additional details bar their surprise that Trump had disclosed it, reported The Washington Post.

In the touted tome, Trump also supposedly said that the CIA has “no idea” how to handle North Korea when it came to surrendering their nuclear weapons.

He also defended his correspondence with the country's leader Kim Jong-Un, which his critics likened to a pen-pal relationship.

I met. Big fucking deal,” Trump told Woodward of his three meeting with the dictator. “It takes me two days. I met. I gave up nothing.”

The president also revealed that he viewed dealing with the North Korean leaders and his nuclear weapons as real estate commodities.

“It’s really like, you know, somebody that’s in love with a house and they just can’t sell it.”

Woodward also recalled how Trump was awestruck upon meeting Kim in Singapore back in 2018, called him “far beyond smart," and claimed the Supreme Leader of North Korea “tells me everything,”

"Rage" features accounts of the president's behavior, thoughts, and actions on national security amid the coronavirus pandemic, economic collapse, and the Black Lives Matter protests.

It also included the damning admission that Trump supposedly "downplayed" coronavirus and "knew it was deadly" despite claiming it was under control.

"I wanted to always play it down," Trump told Woodward on March 19 – days after declaring a national emergency. "I still like playing it down, because I don't want to create a panic."

Trump told the author that the virus was "deadly stuff" during an interview on February 7 before going on to assure the public that it was "under control" and would "disappear."

But during a press briefing on Wednesday, press secretary Kayleigh McEnany denied the claims, saying "The president has never lied to the American public on COVID."

Woodward's publisher Simon & Schuster described "Rage" as a "volatile and vivid" look at the "turmoil, contradictions and risks" of the Trump administration ahead of its publication.

He is a two-time Pulitzer winning journalist and won accolades for his coverage of the Watergate scandal with Carl Bernstein and the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Woodward's latest project is set to give readers an explosive glimpse into the White House.

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