Thursday's European elections is the real People's Vote for whingeing Remainers

Thursday's European elections is the real People's Vote for whingeing Remainers

May 19, 2019

WHINGEING Remainers have been demanding a second people’s vote on Europe since the moment they lost the first one.

Well at long last they have got one.

It is happening on Thursday and it is called the Euro elections.

According to second referendum fanatics like Keir Starmer, Vince Cable and Anna Soubry, the British public have been desperate to get back in the ballot box and reverse their own Brexit vote.

On Thursday 211 Leave candidates face off against 288 Remainers in 12 regions with 73 seats.

According to one new poll 31 per cent will back Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party, compared to 22 per cent for Labour and a 9 per cent for the Tories. And 90 per cent of those who will vote for the Brexit Party would do so again in a general election.

Far from rejecting Brexit, voters seem about to give the Westminster ditherers who blocked it the kind of thrashing Manchester City have just handed Watford in the FA Cup Final. If the polls are right one thing should be immediately clear.

No politician, let alone party, will ever be credible if they just bury their head and keep demanding a second referendum to reverse Brexit.

Get UN out of our jails

BRITAIN’S jails may not always be perfect.

But they are a world away from the squalid and brutal hellholes found in corrupt third world states.

So why are we allowing United Nations inspectors who normally probe torture to check up on Wikileaks founder Julian Assange in HMP Belmarsh

After a UN working group called his sentence “disproportionate” the visitors were allowed to oversee medical tests and discuss his case with no guard present.

Arrogant Assange, who faces possible extradition to Sweden over rape allegations and the US for leaking sensitive documents, is serving time for skipping bail and holing up in Ecuador’s embassy.

We don’t need lectures from meddling UN human rights experts on how to run British prisons and Justice Secretary David Gauke should be forced to explain this dangerous precedent.

Otherwise any lag with a grudge will get the UN to give the governor a dressing down.

McDonnell's takeaway

LABOUR’S largesse with taxpayers’ money appears to know no bounds.

Marxist Mad Hatter John McDonnell’s latest plans to hand £70 a week to everyone in the land, regardless of wealth or income, could cost £100 billion.

He won’t find that down the back of the sofa!


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