Theresa May set to reveal details of final push for Brexit deal as ministers threaten to quit if she goes soft

Theresa May set to reveal details of final push for Brexit deal as ministers threaten to quit if she goes soft

May 21, 2019

THERESA May is to make a statement on her new Brexit offer today as Cabinet ministers warned they could quit the Cabinet and kill it off if she goes soft on them to woo over Labour.

This morning PM gathered her top team to sign off a new, bold Brexit offer to try to finally get us out of the EU – which they are all apparently going to get get behind.

She will make a statement in London later this afternoon as she outlines her fresh ideas.

It is believed she wants to put parts of what has been offered to Jeremy Corbyn in the draft bill, which will be voted on next month.

Labour were in talks with the Government over workers' rights, environment protections and a possible customs union arrangement – but talks collapsed last week.

And Leavers have expressed doubts they could support it if it didn't deliver a proper Brexit.

Commons Leader Andrea Leadsom said earlier today: "As long as [the bill] continues to be leaving the European Union, I continue to support it."

And piling on the pressure to Mrs May, she added: "I will want to see that it delivers Brexit" – defined by her as being out of the customs union and single market.

She also said that Britain should leave the EU without a deal on October 31 if there still wasn't a chance of getting one.

A senior source told The Times that the Government was prepared for resignations.

Trade Secretary Liam Fox has said in the past he won't accept signing up to a customs union either as it would mean Britain can't do our own trade deals around the world.

And Jacob Rees-Mogg too suggested he could switch support and might not back it next time.

"The reason for voting for it last time was so we would leave broadly on time," he told Conservative Home.

"Mrs May's deal is a very bad deal.

"It's hard to see any point of a bill which fails to avoid the European elections, which fails to get us out on time.

"It's changed from being the start of a process a new leader could potentially run with, to being… a weight round the neck of a new leader.

"The dynamic is very different from the dynamic we had before Easter."

Labour's Emily Thornberry slapped down hopes that her party might be able to get behind such a deal today.

She told Radio 4 earlier: "She cannot realistically expect to see this get through without fundamental changes and we are not going to see fundamental changes, from everything I h


However, even if Labour's official policy isn't to back it, some backbenchers could be prepared to get behind the concessions to tip it over the line.

The PM will gather her top team today to sign off on the proposals – which could be a fiery meeting.

The Brexit bill is set to come back to the Commons in the first week of June, with Mrs May hoping to get it signed off before the summer recess.

She's refused so far to reveal a date when she will step down as PM, but has indicated she will resign after putting her deal to MPs for the fourth time – whether she wins or loses.

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