Terrifying all-glass elevator that will climb 1,210 feet up to open in New York City

Terrifying all-glass elevator that will climb 1,210 feet up to open in New York City

May 17, 2021

NEW York City is known for its breath-taking views but a new heart-stopping attraction is set to take allow people to experience them like never before.

An all-glass elevator in no way designed for the faint-hearted will lift people more than 1,200 feet up in the air to enjoy a bird's eye view of NYC.

The fully transparent, outdoor elevator – named Ascent -is being created as part of a $3.3billion development "in the crown of" One Vanderbilt, midtown Manhattan.

It will transport tourists 1,210ft up alongside the 77-storey tower, while sky boxes – nicknamed Levitation – will jut off of the building and suspend people 1,063ft above Madison Avenue.

But there will still be fun for those with a fear of heights, as the stunning city views will be able to be taken in from the building's outdoor terrace baror the "highest urban outdoor alpine meadow in the world".

It will all be part of a sprawling four-level, 65,000 square-foot entertainment area and observation deck opening at the peak of One Vanderbilt.

Standing at 1,401ft, it will be the fourth tallest building in New York City, coming in just a few hundred feet shorter than One World Trade Center, measuring up at 1,776ft.

The project, dubbed Summit One Vanderbilt, will offer people "an unprecedented guest experience spanning art, nature, and design" and will see the site become the central Manhattan's highest skyscraper.

Marc Holliday, chairman and CEO of SL Green – the project's developer – has hailed it as an "interactive experience" that gives tourists "the best, amplified views in all of New York City".

"Summit One Vanderbilt is awe inspiring, magical and needs to be experienced to be understood," he added.

"It is a special, thrilling place that New Yorkers and travelers from across the country and the world will want to visit time and time again."

SL Green also boasts that the development will provide "way more than just spectacular views" as it claims it will "redefine the way people experience the intersection between nature and the built environment".

Thrill-seekers will be able to visit the hair-raising attraction next to Grand Central Station from October 21 as the city emerges from the coronavirus pandemic.

"New York City will be full of energy this fall, and Summit One Vanderbilt is an incredible addition to its attractions for locals and visitors," Fred Dixon, president and CEONYC & Company, said.

"With the city's tourism well positioned to continue to rebound, Summit One Vanderbilt comes at an ideal time to offer a reimagined observation deck experience paired with a truly unique artistic expression".

Summit One Vanderbilt will also feature an immersive art experience designed by Kenzo Digital.

The artist said: "Using materiality, lighting design, sound design, production design, and animation, this immersive experience will awaken your senses, transform your perception of New York, and reimagine your relationship to nature. It will be the ultimate example of the democratization of art – a revelatory experience regardless of age, origin, or walk of life."

Meanwhile, Michelin star chef Daniel Boulud will be opening Le Pavillon on the building's second floor, an 11,000 square-foot restaurant.

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