Shot-up home of 2 NJ officers with newborn was wrong address: chief

Shot-up home of 2 NJ officers with newborn was wrong address: chief

October 6, 2020

Suspects wanted for shooting NJ cops’ home arrested

Four people were arrested for allegedly firing into Camden County officers’ home.

Four men were at the wrong New Jersey address last month when they fired bullets into a house occupied by two New Jersey officers and their newborn baby, authorities said.

The four were arrested over the weekend, Camden County police said Monday. No one in the house was injured. A reward for information leading to arrests in the case reached $100,000.

The officers whose home was shot up Sept. 15 are members of the Camden department, and detectives feared they had been targeted because of their law enforcement work, according to reports. The six shots that struck the house were fired from a vehicle that sped away.

Mugshots, left to right, for Jaqwa Styles, 19, Julio Nieves, 19, Obbie Johnson, 30, and Jeremiah McDonald, 18.
(Camden County Police Department)

“Everybody that we spoke to in the neighborhood, they knew that they were police officers,”  Police Chief Joseph Wysocki told a news conference Monday, according to CBS 3 Philadelphia. “They knew that the police officers lived there, it was common knowledge.

But in announcing the arrests, Wysocki said, “I do not believe that the suspects knew that the police officers lived in that residence.” He said they intended to shoot up another house, the station reported.

The suspects were identified as Obbie Johnson, 30; Jeremiah McDonald, 18; Jaqwa Styles, 19; and Julio Nieves, 19, Fox 29 Philadelphia reported.

They were charged with attempted murder and conspiracy to commit murder.


Wyscoki said of his two officers, who attended the news conference, “I think they’re still not sleeping at night. But I think that’s because their baby’s keeping them awake if I can characterize that correctly.”

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