Serbian president slams Scott Morrison over Novak Djokovic saga

Serbian president slams Scott Morrison over Novak Djokovic saga

January 6, 2022

Furious Serbian president comes out swinging against Scott Morrison’s ‘political witch hunt’ after Novak Djokovic was threatened with being deported from Australia due to vaccine exemption bungle

Serbian president Aleksandar Vucic has fired a shot at Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison as the Novak Djokovic deportation saga continues.

The tennis superstar could be kicked out of the country next week after he arrived in Melbourne for the upcoming Australia Open late on Wednesday night without the right visa, which was rejected by border force officials over his exemption criteria.

Djokovic will spend the next four days locked up in a refugee detention centre after the Federal Court adjourned his appeal to remain in Australia ahead until Monday.

The Serbian president has leapt to the defence of Djokovic by unleashing a savage attack on Mr Morrison.

‘What is not fair-play is the political witch hunt by everybody including the Australian Prime Minister pretending that the rules apply to all,’ Vucic told reporters on Thursday.

He claimed other tennis players had been permitted to enter Australia with medical exemptions and described Djokovic’s treatment ‘infamous in the proper sense of the term.’

‘I fear that this relentless political pursuit of Novak will continue till the moment they can prove something, because when you cannot defeat somebody then you turn to these type of things,’ Vucic said.

More to come. 

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