Plymouth woman throws milkshake on UKIP bus featuring Gerard Batten

Plymouth woman throws milkshake on UKIP bus featuring Gerard Batten

May 11, 2019

UKIP bus is hit with a parking fine and has a milkshake thrown over it by furious woman during party rally

  • UKIP MEP candidate Carl Benjamin was campaigning in Plymouth on Saturday 
  • Amy Thompson threw a milkshake on the UKIP bus, which was parked in the city 
  • Ms Thompson, 20, said she ‘really hates’ UKIP, but hates Mr Benjamin ‘even more’
  • Mr Benjamin caused outrage for saying he ‘wouldn’t even rape’ MP Jess Phillips 

A video has emerged of a woman throwing a milkshake at a double-parked UKIP bus during a European Union election rally. 

The bus was parked in Plymouth’s city centre, which was the site of an event featuring controversial MEP candidate Carl Benjamin on Saturday. 

Amy Thompson, 20, hurled the milkshake onto the illegally parked bus to protest against the appearance of UKIP, and Mr Benjamin, in her city.  

Amy Thompson, 20, hurled a milkshake on an illegally parked UKIP bus in Plymouth’s city centre

A picture of UKIP leader Gerard Batten was covered with the beverage after the incident and the bus also received a parking fine from the city’s council. 

Mr Benjamin has recently courted controversy for Tweeting in 2016 he ‘wouldn’t even rape’ Labour Birmingham Yardley MP Jess Phillips. 

The popular Youtuber went even further last month when he said in a video that ‘with enough pressure I might cave’, before adding ‘but, let’s be honest, nobody’s got that much beer’.

Ms Thompson said Mr Benjamin’s comments were awful.

‘I really hate UKIP, but I really hate Carl Benjamin even more,’ she said. 

Ms Thompson said she vandalised the bus, because she ‘hated’ UKIP and ‘really hates’ its MEP candidate Carl Benjamin

‘My non-violent act was a great way to express what the people of Plymouth think about UKIP.’ 

Mr Benjamin was also confronted in the Cornish town of Truro on Friday, with people throwing kippers at him in one incident.

Another protester unsuccessfully tried to throw a milkshake on him in a separate incident, sparking a fist fight with his supporters. 

UKIP MEP candidate Carl Benjamin caused outrage for saying he ‘wouldn’t even rape’ Labour MP Jess Phillips

The acts mimic recent videos, which have depicted controversial figures being showered with milkshakes.

UKIP adviser, and English Defence League founder, Tommy Robinson had milkshakes thrown on him two days in a row earlier this month while campaigning for the European elections.  

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