Piers Morgan rips Twitter for ‘allowing Iran to deny the Holocaust' while 'censoring' Hunter Biden coverage

Piers Morgan rips Twitter for ‘allowing Iran to deny the Holocaust' while 'censoring' Hunter Biden coverage

October 29, 2020

PIERS Morgan has slammed Twitter for “allowing Iran to deny the Holocaust” – while censoring coverage of Hunter Biden’s laptop.

In a column published on DailyMail.com on Thursday, the British journalist questioned Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s testimony during a Big Tech hearing before the Senate on Wednesday.

Dorsey was asked about the topic of misinformation and flagging certain controversial tweets, versus not flagging others.

"It's strange to me that you flag the tweets from the president, but haven't hidden the tweets from the Ayatollah about Holocaust denial or wiping Israel off the map," Senator Cody Gardner, a Republican, told Dorsey.

Dorsey said that tweets about the Holocaust don’t violate terms of policy, although a spokesperson said Twitter might still remove such posts. 

Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei tweeted on Wednesday: “Why is it a crime to raise doubts about the Holocaust?”

Morgan slammed Twitter for not removing the tweet or banning Khamenei, as Twitter did the New York Post.

Weeks ago, the Post reported on purported emails linked to Hunter’s apparent business deals with Ukraine and China while his dad was vice president. 

Twitter, for a short time, temporarily banned people who shared links to the reporting to sent it via direct message.

The Post’s Twitter account was still blocked as of this week.

But Dorsey said it was “incorrect” to so quickly take the action they did, although said that the reporting violated their 2018 “hack policy” about hacked materials on Twitter. 

Dorsey said all the Post has to do to get its account back is delete the original tweets in question, and said they would be allowed to re-share the links now. 

Morgan wrote that”under normal circumstances, one of the world's most powerful leaders directly questioning the very existence of a Nazi-orchestrated genocide of over six million Jews during WWII is the kind of hideously inflammatory statement that a major American newspaper like the New York Post would have wanted to report on and respond to.”

“Not least because New York is home to 1.1 million Jews, the largest Jewish community anywhere in the world outside of Israel.”

The Good Morning Britain host said “the Post couldn’t respond. … Not on the same platform, anyway.” 

“Khamenei was able to spew his vile Holocaust-denying filth to his 836,000 followers without any fear of factual rebuttal by a newspaper representing many of the people who would find his comments most offensive.

“Just as he was able to tweet on previous occasions that Israel's a 'cancerous growth' which must be 'uprooted and destroyed', and this direct threat: 'We will support and assist any nation or any group anywhere who opposes and fights the Zionist regime, and we do not hesitate to say this,’” Morgan wrote. 

He questioned: “Why has Twitter allowed him to do all this without any form of censorship?”

On Wednesday, Dorsey told senators during the Big Tech hearing with the heads of Facebook and Google that Twitter “did not find those to violate our terms of service because we considered them 'saber rattling,' which is part of the speech of world leaders in concert with other countries.”

But, Morgan said, “the same 'saber rattling' rule doesn't apply to US President Donald Trump, whose tweets are now regularly suppressed by Twitter with fact-check and violence labels.

“'Speech against our own people or a country's own citizens we believe is different and can cause more immediate harm,' explained Dorsey,” he wrote. “Really, Jack?”

Dorsey testified that tweets are flagged if they are considered “misinformation” or misleading.”

“How then does he defend not flagging up Khameini's Holocaust-denying lies?” Morgan asked. “It's hard to imagine a worse example of 'misinformation' than that.”

Morgan went on to question that if the Post is allowed to tweet the same link to their reporting on Hunter, “why the hell do they have to delete the previous tweet now the rules have changed?”

He wrote that he doesn’t know if Biden “has actually done anything wrong other than be the father of a man who has clearly traded off his dad's position as Vice-President for financial gain.

“But it is unarguable that Hunter Biden's laptop and the email exchanges contained on it raise legitimate questions that any impartial media organization should at the very least properly investigate.

“You can bet your house they all would if it was Donald Trump Jr's laptop.”

Morgan added that, “The bottom line is this: when a Holocaust-denying Iranian president gets more rights to free speech in the United States than a major US newspaper, it's not just wrong, it's a scandal.”

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