Passengers stranded at London Euston station as ALL trains brought to a halt amid fears of commuter chaos on Monday

Passengers stranded at London Euston station as ALL trains brought to a halt amid fears of commuter chaos on Monday

October 31, 2021

ONE of the UK's busiest stations has been put on lockdown – with all trains brought grinding to a halt.

Thousands of passengers at London's Euston have been left in the lurch, sparking fears of widespread commuter chaos during tomorrow morning's rush.

A spokesperson for the station, which sees almost 45 million entries and exits a year, blamed a fallen a tree for the delays.

It has caused damage to overhead wires between Northampton and Rugby, meaning no trains can get in or out of the platforms.

All passengers are now "locked inside" until further notice – and no-one on the outside is allowed in.

Photos from inside the building show swarms of people looking up at departure boards displaying delay after delay.

The mayhem means huge delays for people heading to the first day of COP26 in Glasgow, and those heading to watch Aston Villa take on West Ham at Villa Park will likely miss the match.

Scores of travellers are also worried they may not make it to work or school tomorrow.

A laboratory analyst tweeted alongside a meme of a distressed-looking man: "Slowing finding out about the chaos on London trains when your due to travel into London Euston from Liverpool (and also having work tomorrow)."

Another issued a plea for help, asking: "Please, how can children go back to school from London Euston to Manchester. Help help help."

Elsewhere a Villa fan said: "Trains from Euston cancelled so won’t make the game today after all.

"Could be worse, but back at VP for the next one. (Wind and trees pending!)."

And another passenger, heading to north west for a disability conference, said: "So disappointed that I can’t get to Liverpool for our UNISONdm conference.

"Always one of my favourite conferences. Stuck on train for three hours then sent back to London.

"Chaos at Euston as all trains north cancelled."

And environmental journalist Cecila Keating shared a photo of a packed-looking Euston as she shared her frustration with the hold-up.

"Hundreds of delegates to a climate conference stuck in Euston because UK's infrastructure just isn't resilient to climate change," she tweeted.

Another reporter hoping to make it to day one of the climate change conference said it was "not clear how or whether anyone is getting to Glasgow" in time.


The tree fell amid warnings that "tornadoes are not out of the question" as strong winds and rain batter the UK.

Gusts of over 80mph have been recorded, with yellow warnings for wind and rain in place over large parts of the west.

Meteorologist Tom Morgan said the Met Office could not confirm any tornadoes or funnel clouds but would not rule them out.

A Euston spokesperson said: "All trains currently suspended due to a fallen tree causing damage to overhead wires.

"Passengers are currently being advised not to travel.

"Due to overcrowding, Euston Station is currently exit only.

"The tree has damaged the overhead line equipment which powers trains – we’re working to resolve the issue as soon as possible – we’re really sorry for the disruption this is causing."

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