Parents warned scammers posing as their kids to ask for a new phone after being mugged as one family scammed out of £4k

Parents warned scammers posing as their kids to ask for a new phone after being mugged as one family scammed out of £4k

November 2, 2021

FRAUDSTERS are targeting parents by posing as their kids asking for help after being mugged – with one unsuspecting family conned out of £4,000.

Cops are warning parents of the new scam which is on the rise, with the con artists asking for money immediately for a new phone.

Scammers are messaging numbers pretending to be their children, explaining that they have lost their phone or had it stolen.

They then ask for money to be transferred via bank transfer immediately, playing on the emotions of the parent wanting to help their child.

Police are now warning families to contact their children immediately if they received this type of message, to confirm if it is legitimate or not.

Have you been affected by this scam? Contact [email protected] or call 02077824208

A Northants Police spokesman said: “We are noticing a rise in reports of a certain type of fraudulent call in which a parent is contacted via text message by a fraudster pretending to be their child

“The scammer will state that they have lost/had their phone stolen and will ask for help by requesting money to be transferred immediately. One victim last week lost £4,000.

“Please be vigilant to this scam and if necessary, put a plan in place with your child in advance should they lose their phone so you know the contact you're getting is legitimate.

“Call 101 if you have been scammed and report suspicious behaviour to Action Fraud.”

The warning comes after Bedfordshire parents were told to be on their guard after one mum was targeted on WhatsApp.

One of the crooks pretended to be the eldest child of one parent, begging for cash because of a "problem with the banking app due to fraud”.

 The same scam saw one dad in Scotland being duped into giving nearly £2,000 after he believed his daughter was asking for help.

The Daily Record reported that Lauren, 25, from Livingston, told of her horror after the con artist sent a barrage of messages to her father.

An upset Lauren asked: “How can they sleep at night?”

Luckily the Royal Bank of Scotland didn't immediately transfer the money because it was suspicious of the unusually large amount.

Instead, it blocked the money from leaving the dad's account, protecting it from reaching the fraudster.

In September, Whatsapp users were warned about the scam that could see criminals steal thousands from them.

Brazen fraudsters will pose as friends or family to convince people to give huge sums of money.

The Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI) has been warning people about the fraud.

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