Nxivm founder Keith Raniere was planning  a sex slave dungeon

Nxivm founder Keith Raniere was planning a sex slave dungeon

May 21, 2019

Nxivm founder Keith Raniere was planning to build a dungeon where he would lock sex slaves in a cage for days so that they could surrender to the cult leader’s demands

  • Lauren  Salzman testified about how the sex slave group DOS worked in testimony on Tuesday 
  • She revealed that there were plans to build a dungeon where Raniere could cage sex slaves  

A former member of the sex slave group DOS testified on Monday that Keith Raniere had been planning to build a dungeon to cage women just before he was arrested last year. 

Lauren Salzman, a co-defendant in the case who accepted a plea deal last month, spoke about the plans during her second day in the stand. 

She also read excerpts from a manual given to the women in the group.

‘Your sole highest desire must be to further your Master from whom all good things come and are related,’ said the text, which was allegedly written by Raniere and Allison Mack.

That is why the dungeon was being built with a cage where women could be ocoked awaynuntil the master, Raniere, wanted to let them free 

‘The best slave derives the highest pleasure from being her Master’s ultimate tool,’ said Salzman while reading another passage from the manual.

‘It doesn’t matter what the command is, it matters that you obey. It doesn’t matter that you understand the command, it matters that you obey.’

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Testify: Lauren Salzman (above ion January) testified about how the sex slave group DOS worked in testimony on Tuesday

Keith: She revealed that there were plans to build a dungeon where Raniere (above in a courtroom sketch last week) could cage sex slaves

Salzman could prove to be a problematic witness given the fact that she herself helped Raneire keep a girl locked in her room for close to two years.

She is also the daughter of Nxivm’s co-founder, Nancy Salzman.  

Salzman also declared that it was Raniere who came up with the idea to brand women, despite Allison Mack previously claiming the two came up with the idea together,. 

Former member Marc Vicente testified last week that Raniere was involved with a number of women, most notably Mack and billionaire heiress Clare Bronfman.

He encouraged the former to starve herself said Vicente, while the latter was ordered to wear a jock strap as punishment for her know-it-all attitude. 

Jurors also saw photos of the newly branded sex slaves in group, taken shortly after each was held down and mutilated with a cauterizing pen. 

Only the jurors were able to see those photos, which Vicente said were kept in a drop box that had been created by Allison Mack.

That same drop box also had the collateral of each of the women, damning information that could be used against them as blackmail should they ever try and leave the group.   

Vicente said that all the women around him started getting drastically thinner around 2015, the same time DOS was created, prompting him to ask Raniere is he was concerned with the situation. 

He testified that Mack in particular seemed to be translucent and gaunt, prompting him to speak with Raniere. 

Vicente told Raniere that Mack seemed broken, prompting him to respond: ‘Well, I’m trying to break her.’  

And in a truly bizarre moment, Vicente also recalled how Raniere once urged his wife to lick a puddle and run into a tree when they were having relationship issues. 

Raniere said this would help her with her boundary issues. 

Vicente testified that he was the person who alerted Catherine Oxenberg that her daughter India was becoming wrapped up in the group and rapidly losing weight, much to his concern. 

The starvation of Nxivm members has now played a key aprt in the testimony of the first two witnesses in the case.

Sylvie, 32, said she had been a member of the group for 13 years, and was in the process of planning her sex slave branding ceremony when the group finally fell apart last year. 

Just as harrowing was her description of the extreme lengths she went to starving herself and exercising, allegedly at the direction of Raniere and Clare Bronfman.

Sex slave: Sylvie (above on the stand) recounted how her weight dropped to just 88lbs after she was forced to starve herself and exercise for six hours a day

She said that at one point she weighed just 88lbs, and was training six hours a day to be a competitive runner.

That training ultimately resulted in her developing an abscess that became a fistula and required surgery.

A medical professional told her to stop working out, but she said that Bronfman told her it was fine to exercise at the same rate so long as she was not in any pain. 

Sylvie later broke down in tears while speaking about an alleged unwanted sexual encounter with Raniere, who she had been ordered to seduce. 

‘I felt shame,’ said Sylvie of the day she went to Raniere’s home so he could perform oral sex on her.

When it was over, he allegedly took a photo of her genitalia. 

Raniere has pleaded not guilty to charges including sex trafficking and child pornography, and his lawyer has argued that he never forced any women to act against their will. 

He faces life in prison if convicted.

Sylvie told jurors how her involvement in Nxivm eventually led her to become a slave in DOS, where she submitted herself entirely to a ‘master’ named Monica.

She recited a lifetime vow to obey her female master at a commitment ceremony and wore a necklace called a ‘dog collar.’

As was expected of slaves, Sylvie recruited other women to join DOS. 

She now lives in England with her husband, also a former Nxivm member, and testified under an immunity agreement with prosecutors.

‘We were taught that women were self-absorbed, narcissistic,’ she said. 

‘I feel like in some ways that was the worst part of it for me.’  


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