Motorists overloads his Honda Accord while moving apartment in Texas

Motorists overloads his Honda Accord while moving apartment in Texas

February 3, 2021

U-haul it if you want… Motorist saves on hiring a delivery truck by piling the contents of his apartment onto the roof of his Honda Accord

  • A motorist in Garland, Texas, overloaded his two-door Honda Accord 
  • The driver piled the contents of his apartment on the roof of the coupe 
  • The man used nets and plastic sheeting to hold the load together on the roof 
  • His car was so overloaded he suspension was almost sitting down on the chassis

This is the stunning moment the driver of a Honda Accord in Garland, Texas, attempted to drive their massively overloaded car. 

The driver had piled the contents of an apartment on the roof of the car, piling it more than eight foot high. 

Part of the load was balanced on the hood of the car with platform strapped to the front. 

This is the moment a motorist in Garland, Texas reverses onto the street with his drastically overloaded Honda Accord

The Japanese car is sitting down on its suspension due to the weight of the large load 

The motorist pulls off down the street with the car’s rear wheels rubbing off the wheel arches

Several other boxes were then piled on top of each other on the roof. Some of the boxes were wrapped in netting and plastic sheeting to prevent them from spilling over. The load was piled along the roof all the way to the trunk at the rear. 

Such was the weight of the load, the car was sitting low on its suspension. 

The driver used elasticated straps to secure the massive load to the car’s four wheel arches. 

With the overhanging load at the front and the rear, the driver would have been unable to have a good view of the road. 

Someone filming the driver started laughing as they reversed out onto the street as the rear of the car almost struck the tarmac because it was sitting so low on the road.  

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