Hotel guests ‘baffled and stressed’ over bizarre sign on ceiling

Hotel guests ‘baffled and stressed’ over bizarre sign on ceiling

May 16, 2019

A tourist in Bali was baffled after she found a mysterious sign on the ceiling of her hotel room – and took to social media to find out what it was.

The woman was staying at the Grand Barong Resort on the popular Indonesia holiday isle when she encountered the bizarre symbol.

She posted a picture to the hotel's Facebook pager and wrote: "What is this? It’s been stressing us out for weeks.”

Another woman – who was staying at the same hotel – responded to say that she was “wondering the same thing”.

It was soon revealed that the symbol has a profound significance, particularly to adherents of the Islamic faith.

One man revealed that the arrow was in fact a Qibla pointer which directs the way to Mecca for prayer time.

It was “nothing you should worry about”, he added.

The hotel also confirmed that every room in the building also had a Qibla pointer to help Muslim guests.

Islamic tradition dictates that those engaging in prayer should face the holy city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia – and in particular the sacred Ka'aba monument .

Indonesia has a majority Muslim population and many of the guests would find the Qibla useful as followers are required to pray up to five times a day.

Most Muslims now use technology, such as mobile phone apps, to help locate the direction of Mecca.

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