Gov. Cuomo refuses to resign over sexual harassment scandal

Gov. Cuomo refuses to resign over sexual harassment scandal

March 12, 2021

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Gov. Andrew Cuomo refused to heed the calls from leaders within his own Democratic Party that he step down amid spiraling accusations of sexual harassment or misconduct now lodged by seven women.

“I am not going to resign,” Cuomo said on a phone conference with reporters.

“I was not elected by the politicians, I was elected by the people,” he said repeating an oft-used mantra by the governor over the last two weeks.

He also took aim at his female accusers — including former aides.

“I won’t speculate about people’s possible motives,” he told reporters, while saying as former state Attorney General, he learned that “a lot of people allege a lot of things for a lot of reasons.”

“I never harassed anyone. I never abused anyone. I never assaulted anyone. And I never would,” he said.

On Thursday, more than 55 Democratic lawmakers from New York, including demanded the governor step down from office as he faces sexual harassment and assault allegations.

And Friday, Democratic members of New York’s congressional delegation, including Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and veteran Rep. Jerry Nadler, joined them in calling for Cuomo to quit.

Cuomo called his critics “reckless and dangerous” for reaching a conclusion before a pair of independent investigations conclude.

“Part of this is that I am not part of the political club,” Cuomo continued. “And you know what, I’m proud of that.”

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