EU vaccine ­rollout is a shambles but it should NOT stop immunised Brits travelling

EU vaccine ­rollout is a shambles but it should NOT stop immunised Brits travelling

April 1, 2021

Yearning to fly

HOW long must we be governed by the fear of vaccine-dodging Covid variants which do not yet exist?

That seems the sole motivation for banning summer holidays in Europe.

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No offence to Israel or Bahrain.

But they’re not top of that many Brits’ destinations list.

And while millions each year went to the US pre-Covid, that’s a pricey option.

It is of course true that the EU vaccine ­rollout is a shambles and a third wave has engulfed them.

Why should that stop vaccinated Brits travelling there, especially once it dies down?

The Government fears they will bring back some hideous new strain.

But that will surely always be so.

We cannot stop flying to France or Spain for ever.

Pfizer says its jab proved 100 per cent effective in South Africa, where a feared mutation ran wild.

AstraZeneca is confident of similar success.

No variant so far evades the vaccines, while new jabs are added to the arsenal all the time.

We understand the Government’s caution.

But at some point it has to let go.

Life’s never entirely safe, is it?

A new boom

OUR first Bounce Back Britain campaign was a huge success — but it didn’t go entirely to plan.

Sun readers did lead the way in pouring money back into our economy as it reopened last summer.

But a second wave was always possible.

And, without a vaccine back then, it arrived and shut us all down again.

This time’s different.

With more than half the country jabbed, including almost all the most vulnerable, we should be confident we are not just over the worst but ready to kickstart a roaring decade of growth.

Billions of pounds are waiting to be spent, reviving firms everywhere as restrictions lift.

Job vacancies are at their highest since before Covid.

Manufacturing is growing faster than for more than a decade.

Business optimism has hit a seven-year high.

So look out for the offers and advice in our new Bounce Back campaign, beginning today.

And as deaths and hospitalisations plummet further, we say this to the PM:
Don’t be a slave to your sluggish freedom “roadmap”, Boris.

Let’s get on with it.

Ends in tears

WE’VE tried to be, like, down with the kids.

We’ve all sent texts containing those tiny, rudimentary cartoons — each one conveying a particular sentiment.

We even know their name: Emojis.

It’s no good.

Young people say we use the uncool ones.

The “OK” hand? Not OK.

The thumbs-up? That’s a thumbs- down.

The poo? It stinks.


Here’s this column’s first ever emoji.

Use it next time your cool kids ask to borrow a tenner.

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