Double killer Kenny Noye puts Spanish hideaway up for sale at £1.6million

Double killer Kenny Noye puts Spanish hideaway up for sale at £1.6million

August 7, 2021

DOUBLE killer Kenny Noye has put his Spanish hideaway up for sale – and is expecting to rake in a £1.6million bonanza.

Noye, 74, paid just £250,000 for the villa and hid there while on the run over the 1996 road rage murder of Stephen Cameron, 21.

The home boasts two pools and views of the Costa de la Luz.

A sale would mean Noye has made an average of £56,000 a year from the property during the 21 years he spent behind bars, and two years since his release.

Retired Det Supt Nick Biddiss, who put Noye behind bars for Stephen’s murder, said: “This man has made his money without an honest day’s work in his life.

“He has been enjoying the fruits of his ill-gotten gains.”

Noye also fatally stabbed a Met detective during the Brink’s-Mat robbery investigation in 1985.

He was cleared of murder but convicted of handling stolen bullion.

Former Det Chief Insp Mick Neville said: “It is a public outrage that a violent criminal can make so much money while in jail.

"It goes against the grain that he was given a so-called life sentence then come out to the equivalent of a lottery jackpot.”

British police were unable to seize the villa in Atlanterra, named Las Dunas, under the Proceeds of Crime Act because it is outside the UK’s jurisdiction.

While Noye was serving life, it was looked after by his sons Brett and Kevin.

They spent around £150,000 extending the property. It had been rented out until recently.

Locals say Noye has not been seen there since his release.

It is understood Brett, who has an apartment nearby, is involved with the sale.

British cops suspect Noye bought the property with profits from fencing part of the £26million of gold bullion stolen in the 1983 Brink’s-Mat robbery at Heathrow.

But one disgusted local said Noye should pay compensation from the profits of any house sale to Stephen’s fiancée Danielle Cable.

They added: “Given the appalling history, he shouldn’t profit at all.”

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