Double-jabbed Brits could miss out on international holidays because NHS mistakes mean second vaccination isn't recorded

Double-jabbed Brits could miss out on international holidays because NHS mistakes mean second vaccination isn't recorded

July 21, 2021

DOUBLE-jabbed Brits could miss out on overseas holidays because NHS mistakes mean their second vaccinations may not be recorded properly.

An investigation found that many of those who have had two doses of a Covid jab do not have any official proof on the NHS app, the Telegraph reported.

Currently, many holiday destinations need proof of vaccinations to allow entry or to avoid quarantine.

But health officials have warned vaccine staff could make the mistake of not filling in fields in documents correctly or failing to properly "save" jab data.

They have told anyone who has had their second jab recorded incorrectly to get in touch with their GP.

Some patients told the Telegraph that they had contacted their doctors but were "fobbed off".

GPs reportedly warned of delays getting records sorted correctly "due to the large volume of similar requests we are receiving".

The errors will threaten travellers plans for holidays in amber list countries as well as affecting "vaccine passports" – which the government has confirmed will be needed to enter nightclubs from September.

One patient said they feared "carnage" in upcoming months if the problems continued.

University of Oxford professor Dan Ciubotaru said he had been waiting for nearly two years to visit his elderly dad in Romania.

He has had two vaccines – but he had to threaten to get a third jab before problems with registering his second vaccination were sorted.

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He said his second dose "didn't appear" on his NHS app.

He said: "After five days I tried to call 119 to get a proof of vaccination, they told me to wait until seven days have passed. I did that, I called again, then they said they can’t do anything and I should call the vaccination centre."

Mr Ciubotaru said he believed his second dose wasn't entered into the NHS system.

He received a letter telling him to book a second appointment despite having two jabs.

Meanwhile, Andrew Harrold, from Brighton, said the vaccine he received at a centre at Selhurst Park in London failed to show up on his app.

He has tried 14 times to sort the problem out with the 119 helpline service, NHS Digital and his GP practice – but the information still remains missing.

Officials are unable to explain why.

Mr Harrold said: "So far, no one has been able to resolve the issue, and the disjointed nature of the support doesn’t help. I’ve been fobbed off by 119 call centre agents, the NHS App helpline, NHS Digital and the GP practice has tried to help, but still hasn’t resolved it.

"I’ll keep persevering but its a really hard system to navigate, and it risks excluding a lot of people from the return to normality.”

A Department of Health and Social Care spokesman said: "The information displayed is from national NHS systems and if a patient's information is incorrect or missing they can contact their GP who will be able to update their record.”

Brits who are double-jabbed are able to skip quarantine when they return from amber list holiday destinations.

Travellers, however, have to prove their vaccine status on their NHS app.

Countries including Spain, Greece, Portugal and Italy are all on the amber list.

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