Dog rode a skateboard, crashed into a stand filled with beverages

Dog rode a skateboard, crashed into a stand filled with beverages

May 16, 2019

Hilarious video shows the moment a skateboarding dog crashes into a vendors’ stand and knocks down all the bottled drinks as shocked stall holders look on

  • A cellphone user recorded a video of a dog trying to ride a skateboard before it crashed into a table at a park in Veracruz, Mexico
  • The pooch pushed itself on the skateboard directly into the vendors’ stand
  • The accident sent cups and bottles crashing to the ground

This dog clearly needed a few more skateboarding lessons after causing a scene in a park in Mexico.

Hilarious cell phone footage showed the pet playing on the board before  crashing into a vendor’s stand at a park in the city of Xalapa. 

The end result a lot of knocked down drinks and a couple of surprised looking stall holders.

A dog hopped on a skateboard at a park in Veracruz, Mexico, the afternoon of  May 7 and accidentally crashed into the vendors’ table, spilling most of the beverages

A man is spotted taking a nap on a woman’s nap, unaware that a dog was pushing itself on a skateboard  before accidentally stumbling into their table filled with drinks

The pooch is filmed placing both of its front paws on the board and pushing itself forward with its rear legs. 

But he doesn’t appear to be watching where he is going, as he barrels straight into the table.

It appears the accident woke up a man behind the stall who been resting his head on a woman’s lap. 

Vendors are shockedafter a dog accidentally crashed into their table and spilled beverages

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