Dog owner struggles to get bulldog moving after it lies down on street

Dog owner struggles to get bulldog moving after it lies down on street

May 15, 2019

C’mon, p’up you get! Lazy French Bulldog lies down with paws in the air on pavement as his owner struggles to get it moving for seven minutes

  • Dog owner desperately tried to get his dog moving off pavement in Manchester
  • Man eventually tried to drag pet – but with no luck as it kept rolling back over 
  • Footage taken by Elliott Garner, of Swinton, who was in restaurant across road with his wife, Steff; he said onlookers and passers-by were in hysterics 

This is the moment a lazy French Bulldog flung itself to the ground mid-walk with its paws in the air and refused to budge – while its mortified owner battled with it for seven minutes in front of laughing passers-by.

Web developer Elliott Garner and his wife Steff, both 29, from Swinton, Greater Manchester, were out for dinner on Saturday evening when other customers began giggling at something outside the restaurant.

When the newlyweds looked out the window, they spotted the owner desperately attempting to get his pet to move as it lay on the pavement.

Exasperated by the ordeal, which Mr Garner claims lasted for around seven minutes, the poor owner eventually tried to drag the dog in a bid to get it to budge – with no luck.

The dog owner struggles to get his French Bulldog moving after it decides to take a break on a pavement in Manchester. To make matters worse, passers-by and people in a nearby beer garden were looking at the man’s predicament and laughing 

The dog owner tries to pull it by the lead but the defiant pooch refuses to budge and playfully rolls over onto its tummy instead

The hilarious footage shows that even when he reaches down to control the dog by its collar, the boisterous Bulldog continues to be mischievous and rolls on its back to play.

Eventually appearing to have ‘had enough’ of the mutt’s antics, the walker pulls the dog to its feet and leads it away down the street – leaving onlooking laughing.

Mr Garner said: ‘I’d never seen anything like that before. It was funny. It’s one of those things where you see it and you can’t help but laugh. It was so daft.

‘The owner had clearly had enough. He’d been trying to get the dog up for about seven minutes in total – I only started filming after a while.

The ordeal is believed to have gone on for seven minutes, according to web developer Elliott Garner, who recorded the incident while he was in a restaurant with his wife, Steff, across the road

After briefly getting the dog back on its feet, it then decides to lie down again. But, eventually, the owner wins and starts walking his pet across the road

‘There were a couple of people to the left of them and the owner was avoiding looking at them and getting more pi**ed off.

‘And to the right, all the people in the beer garden were looking and laughing too. They were surrounded by people.’

Mr Garner claims he began filming the incident because his wife was ‘losing her mind’ at the cute display.

Mr Garner claims he began filming the incident because his wife (both pictured) was ‘losing her mind’ at the cute display

But soon after, the dog decided to hop to his feet and start walking again – but not before taking a few glances over his shoulder at his favourite sunbathing spot.

Mr Garner said: ‘Just before the video, he was trying to pull him on his side down the street.

‘We initially spotted him because the table over from us were laughing and we were looking at what they were laughing at.

‘When the owner reached down, the dog was trying to play with him but he was having none of it.

‘At the end, he trots off and the dog does keep looking over its shoulder, but I don’t know what had attracted his attention.

‘My wife’s a dog person and she was losing her mind. She kept slapping me on my wrist saying “Get your phone!”

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