Chinese teacher who poisoned 25 kindergarteners out of 'revenge' sentenced to death

Chinese teacher who poisoned 25 kindergarteners out of 'revenge' sentenced to death

September 29, 2020

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A Chinese teacher has been sentenced to death after a court found that she poisoned more than two dozen kindergarteners, killing one, to wage revenge on a coworker after disagreements “over student management issues."

Wang Yun was accused in March 2019 of poisoning 25 young children in Jiaozuo city by tainting their breakfast with sodium nitrite, which can be deadly if consumed in large quantities, the BBC reported Tuesday.

All but two of the kids became sick, fainting, and vomiting after eating their breakfast, and one child ultimately died, the report states. Wang was arrested following a police investigation of the incident.

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Wang reportedly has a history of trying to poison people’s food. According to the BBC, she once tried to poison her husband with nitrite, but he suffered only minor injuries.

The Jiaozuo local court announced its sentence on Monday, calling Wang "despicable and vicious,” according to a statement provided to the BBC.

“The consequences of her crimes were extremely serious, and she deserves to be severely punished,” the statement added.


Wang is reportedly expected to be executed by firing squad or lethal injection.

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