Bride hitches a ride to church after her vintage Ford wedding car broke down

Bride hitches a ride to church after her vintage Ford wedding car broke down

August 18, 2021

BRIDE Shenice Beirne hitched to church when her vintage wedding car conked out.

Shenice, 28, and her sister Siobhan Ellis, 31, arrived after tourists Matt and Michelle Moore picked them up in their Mercedes.

Relieved Shenice who wed Sean, 28, an hour late in Gloucester, said: “Cars were driving past for 15 minutes. I’m just glad I kept calm!”

The dance teacher newlywed said: ""It was the most unimaginable thing that could have happened.

"We had got ready at the venue in Upton-on-Severn in the morning, and had then got in the lovely, vintage Ford car to drive to the church in Gloucester.

"Because we were in a classic, vintage car, we decided to take the back roads rather than going down the motorway.

"But not long after we set off, we heard this noise coming from the car, and it just broke down. It just stopped going.

"I couldn't believe it. My sister had actually joked when we got in, 'What if it breaks down?'. We all just looked at each other when it happened.

"The driver tried and tried to get it going, but nothing was happening.

"The bridesmaids car was behind us, so I said to them to carry on to the church, drop the bridesmaids off, and then circle back round to get us.

"But the church was still about half an hour away, so that would have taken a good hour."

Matt and Michelle Moore, both 44, were Shenice's heroes and offered to give the family a lift in their Mercedes.

Shenice added: "Luckily the bridesmaids had been able to get there and explain to my husband and everyone else what was going on.

"Sean and I are both quite chilled-out people, so he saw the funny side of the fact that his bride was having to hitchhike to the church.

"I'm just glad that I managed to stay calm and not get stressed out, otherwise that might have ruined the rest of my day."

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