Brake! Moment speedy OAP on a mobility scooter mows down hapless man

Brake! Moment speedy OAP on a mobility scooter mows down hapless man

February 2, 2021

Brake! Moment speedy OAP on a mobility scooter mows down hapless man who dashes in front of him

  • CCTV captured the moment a speeding OAP mows down a man on his scooter 
  • The pensioner continues to hit the accelerator as the man fails around on ground
  • Salon manager April Yardley said staff were in ‘hysterics’ after watching CCTV

Security footage has captured the shocking moment a man gets caught under the wheels of a pensioner’s speeding mobility scooter as he leaves a bank.

In the CCTV footage a young man can seen emerging from Nationwide bank in Bourne, Lincolnshire, only spotting the mobility scooter hurtling towards him at the last moment. 

In an attempt to avoid the scooter the young man dashes out from the doorway but misjudges the speed of the vehicle, which does not slow down for him to pass.

The man is caught under the wheels of the scooter by his foot and dragged down to the floor onto his back.

Whilst starfished on the floor passersby rush to the victim’s aid, but the bewildered driver continues to press on the accelerator and ploughs into the man a second time, just as he tries to get back to his feet.

The chaos attracts a large crowd as pedestrians attempt to stop the pensioner driving into the man a third time – allowing him to eventually limp away from the scene.

CCTV footage from the salon opposite revealed the true sequence of events after a  colleague spotted a glimpse of a man on the floor whilst looking outside and decided to check what had happened.

Footage shows the moment a young man is hit to the floor by a mobility scooter, after leaving Nationwide bank in Bourne, Lincolnshire

Shocked crowds gathered as the elderly scooter rider continued to hit the accelerator, ploughing into the young man

A woman comforts the driver whilst others help the man up. The incident took place December 30 2020

Salon manager April Yardley said her team were in ‘hysterics’ whilst they replayed the calamity that unfolded on the high street on December 30 at 12:11pm.

Ms Yardley’s boyfriend Aaron Jesson, 40, branded the clip ‘comedy gold’ and declared ‘nobody’s safe’ whilst sharing it on Facebook – where it’s gone viral with 6,400 likes, comments and shares.

Ms Yardley, of Bourne, Lincolnshire, said: ‘When we looked back we were like “omg, he’s full on ran him over” – all the girls were in hysterics watching it.

‘As he walked out of the bank he put his foot down, so then he tried to think – “oh God, I’m going” and then he hit him and just ran him over – it’s just the way he falls on the floor.

Pictured: April Yardley, 28, who said her colleagues were in ‘hysterics’ laughing at the video that her boyfriend Aaron Jesson, 40, uploaded to facebook

‘Then everyone came over, regardless of Covid – there must have been about ten people standing around him trying to get the little man on his scooter away from him.

‘I just couldn’t believe the man carried on going – I couldn’t believe how he didn’t stop because he still continued to run him over even though he was actually parked on him.’

The 28-year-old said she’s since spoken to the man who was hit in the video and that although his ankle was bruised and grazed from the incident he had managed to ‘laugh it off’ and was also in ‘hysterics’ at the video. 

Ms yardley said: ‘It’s funny because he’s known like one of the lads and we were like “yeah, we just caught you on CCTV getting run over” – he couldn’t stop laughing.

The salon manager, Ms Yardley (pictured with boyfriend Mr Jesson) checked CCTV footage from the salon to see what had happened after a colleague spotted the man on the floor

‘When Aaaron came back [to the salon] he was like “what is going on?”. He couldn’t stop laughing.

‘That video’s gone crazy – we weren’t expecting it to go that viral – people have put music on it and we’ve been tagged loads of times on this video.

‘I haven’t caught anything else funny yet – but I think we’ll probably have a look at it now after a Friday and Saturday night when the pubs reopen.

‘I said to the young girl upstairs “right keep your eye out for everything”.’

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