BBC to pay '£750k' to graphic designer who faked documents for Martin Bashir to secure Diana interview

BBC to pay '£750k' to graphic designer who faked documents for Martin Bashir to secure Diana interview

August 8, 2021

A GRAPHIC artist who blew the whistle on Martin Bashir’s deceit to secure his Princess Diana interview is reportedly set to receive £750,000 in compensation from the BBC. 

Matt Wiessler was shunned by the broadcaster 25 years ago when he raised concerns after Bashir asked him to fake bank statements. 

The documents were then shown by Bashir, 58, to Earl Spencer, Princess Diana’s brother.

They led to the 1995 Panorama chat in which Princess Diana complained of Prince Charles’s infidelity.

The Sunday Telegraph reported that it is understood the BBC’s lawyers are on the verge of signing off a deal to offer Mr Wiessler around £750,000 for damage to his career and loss of earnings.

Internal correspondence released last year under the Freedom of Information Act revealed that BBC bosses decided Mr Wiessler should never be allowed to work for the corporation again, in part because he had voiced his concerns to the media.  


Mr Wiessler’s lawyers had demanded £1million for loss of earnings and distress caused to their client.

The BBC has accepted full liability for his treatment and the two sides are now arguing over the size of Mr Wiessler’s damages.  

A source involved in the negotiations told the newspaper: “We expect the BBC and Mr Wiessler to agree the amount in the coming days. The BBC is expecting to pay out in the region of £750,000. 

“Mr Wiessler had wanted a million pounds and it’s now just a question of reaching an agreement. This is not a case that is going to be dragged out and go to court.”

An independent report by Lord Dyson, a former Master of the Rolls, concluded that Bashir had commissioned the phony bank statements from Mr Wiessler.  

The BBC was last night contacted for comment by The Sun

It declined to comment to the Sunday Telegraph on an “ongoing legal process”.

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