At least 11 dead as 'seven masked gunman' open fire in packed bar in Brazil

At least 11 dead as 'seven masked gunman' open fire in packed bar in Brazil

May 20, 2019

A BAR shooting in Brazil has left 11 people dead after masked gunmen burst in and opened fire.

Authorities say there has been a "massacre" on Sunday afternoon but have released few details.

Local media in the northern Par state have reported gunmen attacked a bar in Belem City.

The victims are said to be made up of five women and six men, with one the owner of the bar – Vanda's Bar and Drinks.

She has been identified as Maria Ivanilza Pinheiro Monteiro.

O Liberal reports the gunmen travelled on three motorbikes and in one car – no one has been arrested yet.

Other victims have been named as 21-year-old DJ Leandro Breno Tavares da Silva, 25-year-old employee Paulo Henrique Passos Ferreira and 33-year-old Raquel da Silva Franco.

Other customers escaped the hail of bullets by hiding in the back of the bar, it is claimed.

Police have said the bar is known as a drug-dealing spot – which suggests the attack could stem from a gang dispute.

State Governor Helder Barbalho announced he will hold a conference in response to the multiple deaths, as an investigation is launched.

The G1 news website reports police said seven gunmen opened fire on the bar, adding cops also reported one wounded in the attack.

A Par state spokeswoman, Natalia Mello, says she can only "confirm" there was a massacre in the state.

Belem is the gateway to the lower Amazon region, and has a population of around 2.5m.

In 2017 there were 1,743 homicides, and the city became one of the most dangerous in the world.

One of the most violent regions in the area, Guam, was one of seven neighbourhoods that was bolstered with National Force recruitments in March.

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