Armed police seal off London street in 22-hour lockdown stand-off

Armed police seal off London street in 22-hour lockdown stand-off

January 22, 2021

Armed police seal off London street in 22-hour lockdown stand-off with ‘gunman’ refusing to leave property

  • Police have been at the scene in Southall, West London, since 2.12pm Thursday
  • One local shopkeeper estimated 60 officers were there at one point
  • Footage of last night shows them asking person inside to come to the window 
  • Officer can be heard saying  ‘Put the phone back on the hook so we can speak’

A lockdown siege has been surrounded by police for the past 22-hours as man with a gun remains holed up inside a house in West London.

Armed terror officers decked in black have been poised at the scene of the £370,000 property since first being called at 2.12pm yesterday.

One video of the scene in Southall last showed laser sights on the property and negotiators shouting at the house.

They could be heard saying ‘Come back to the window. ‘Come back to the window now so we can talk to you.

‘We can end this now and sort it out and stop making all this noise.

Armed police were still at the West London address as the siege continued today

Officers cordoned off the street after reports a man may have a gun inside a house

Police set up a unit at one end of the closed street as the siege neared 24 hours in duration

‘Put the phone back on the hook so we can speak to you.’

The footage, shared online, mentions the names of a man and woman believed to be inside the house.

Officers were called after reports a man with a gun was inside the property. 

An employee at a local restaurant on The Broadway told MyLondon: “I’m working so couldn’t go see but saw some armed police go past the shop.”

Another told us: “I’ve heard someone took out a gun. I don’t know if anyone’s been shot. That’s why police are there.

“There are more than 50-60 police. They are carrying guns.”  

A Metropolitan Police spokesperson told MailOnline: ‘Police are continuing to deal with an ongoing incident in Saxon Road, Southall.

Terror police armed with G36C variant of the Heckler & Koch weapons at the scene

Officers were decked out in body armour as the situation neared a full day of attendance

‘Officers were called at 2.12pm on Thursday, January 21, following concerns for the welfare of a man inside a property.

‘A number of resources were sent to the area and are working to bring the incident to a safe conclusion.

‘There have been some reports of armed officers at the scene. This is a precautionary measure and residents can be reassured that there is no risk to the wider public.’

Other footage showed stunned neighbours coming outside of adjoining homes only to spot the armed officers who screamed at them to get inside.

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