XRP integration into OMNI, Xpring’s role in company’s growth discussed by leader

XRP integration into OMNI, Xpring’s role in company’s growth discussed by leader

December 8, 2018

On 7th December, the official YouTube channel of the leading blockchain firm, Ripple, posted an interview of Tom McLeod – OMNI’s CEO. Ripple and OMNI got closer after the startup decided to integrate XRP as a tool for providing liquidity to its customers. During the discussion, McLeod shed light on its tie-up with Xpring and in its role in facilitating the change that OMNI aims at bringing into the world. In his words:

“Xpring is long-term believers in the world that we wanna see and the world that we’re building towards, and that’s key to the mentality that Xpring sorta revolves around, how they are thinking about participating with companies and seeing them grow.”

In the interview, the OMNI leader also spoke about the purpose that has driven his company to this stage. Here, he conveyed that connecting the world through the rental service had played a big role. OMNI started with the idea of storage and collecting things but at this point, the team is building the entire rental marketplace.

He further stated that everything one has, one can use it to connect with the rest of the world by offering it for common utility and earn capital in the process. In his words:

“So if you have a bike and you’re not using it, someone else can use it when you’re not using it. And now you can also make money on top of that. And so it becomes an entire system. We say internally it’s almost like air bnb meets dropbox for everything.”

About incorporating XRP into the OMNI services, McLeod mentioned liquidity as the key purpose of this integration. He also said that he sees OMNI as a bank in the long-term wherein bikes, books, camping equipment and other rentals count as assets, similar to fiat currencies in the outside world. Therefore, according to McLeod, XRP could be a great tool in providing quick liquidity and cashing out the capital that one makes through the rental side.

Lastly, he propagated that one of the core values that OMNI believes in is that the world should be interconnected in a faster, efficient way.

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