The Metra separator Grain Cleaner

The Metra separator Grain Cleaner

July 9, 2020

In regards to technology, grain cleaning machines have evolved over the years. These machines make it possible for small scale or large scale/ commercial organic farmers. In the separation process, the machine uses the relative density of the grain. The Metra separator grain cleaner 9′ is one of these technology-based grain cleaners that have made farmers a better deal in terms of harvest by delivering most of the produce due to its vigorous separation process.

The Metra separator grain cleaner 9 is a generally small grain cleaner structured in best quality material for durability. The Metra separator grain cleaner 9 uses 1.2kW of electricity for a 147 bushels/hour (4t/hr) to 37.25kW for 3670 bushels/ hour (100t/hr). It is very economical because it is not necessary for sieve changing. Cleaning is alternatively done by using compressed air that takes about 10-15 minutes. Another advantage is that The Metra separator Grain Cleaner 9 does pre-cleaning, primary cleaning, and secondary cleaning all in one process deeming it very effective. Damaged grain is also a thing of the past with this particular grain cleaner. This is due to its ability to separate grains from the damaged ones because the damaged ones have a lower density.

The Metra Grain Cleaner has a vast array of advantages. Some of them include; it’s ability to separate a mixture of different kinds of grains, it can separate protein and gluten components, based on its relative density technique, it is economical, it is a reliable machine, it is durable and does not require regular maintenance, it consumes little electricity and there is absence of damaged grains. The Metra Grain Cleaner, being that it does all the stages of cleaning in one process, is therefore inexpensive. This saves the farmer having multi machines to complete the separation process.

In general, the Metra Grain Cleaner is highly recommended for it’s inexhaustible advantages to the farmer.