Nasdaq starts work in the field of mining

March 13, 2018

Traditional equity investors have just received another opportunity to indirectly influence the market. The Nasqad exchange focused its attention on ASIC equipment and already today launched Bitcoin mining.

Marathon Patent Group Inc, today announced that it has begun to mine Bitcoin at a new facility in Quebec, Canada. Investors are very much in favor of this development, as the shares rose by 32% since the news.

Marathon Patent Group announced that they purchased 1 400 Antminer S9 mining installations from Bitman and leased 26 700 square feet of space to create a data center in Canada. It is expected that operations will use about 2,0 MW and provide approximately 19 Ph / s power ASIC.

Marathon looks into the mining future

The company strives to achieve up to 3,9 MW capacity. If they ensure the uninterrupted supply of this amount of energy, they will be able to provide throughput for another 2 800 of the Antminer S9 mining installations, which, if purchased, can be located on the same site.

Marathon Patent Group also tells investors that while Antminer S9 is mining Bitcoin (BTC), they can switch to other digital assets using the SHA256 algorithm, for example Bitcoin Cash, if necessary.

Author: Andrey, analyst Freedman Club Crypto News

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