eToro Adds Ethereum Classic, Advertises Crypto In London

eToro Adds Ethereum Classic, Advertises Crypto In London

April 22, 2019

ETC Classic fund creator Barry Silbert shared the news on Twitter, with the asset’s value duly rising as a result on Wednesday.

The @eToro trading platform announced today that they are adding Ethereum Classic ($ETC). 4.5 million customers… 

At the same time, eToro appears to be actively targeting mainstream traders with crypto options.

Images uploaded to Reddit show advertisements for Bitcoin and Ethereum (ETH) trading on its platform, strategically placed at Canary Wharf station on the London Underground.

Canary Wharf is well known as one of London’s financial powerhouses, being home to the offices of a raft of international banks and economics giants.

eToro’s ETC/USD pair is currently trading at over $18, somewhat higher than amalgamated listings such as those on CoinMarketCap.

With a market cap of $1.65 bln, ETC has seen rapid growth since Bitcoin’s downtick and subsequent reversal in late May.

Now the fifth-largest cryptocurrency, Silbert continues to lead the charge to allow the asset to compete with its older and much-hyped counterpart ETH.

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