ChartIQ Integrates Trading Central into Webtrader MT4 Solution

February 28, 2018

Trading software and charting provider ChartIQ has integrated the analytics suite of Trading Central into its Webtrader for MT4 and HTML5 charting solutions. The firms have been cooperating on the integration between their suites to deliver to traders technical insights that are displayed directly on the chart.

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The announcement is a follow-up to many other charting providers that have been working on integrating Trading Central’s products in recent quarters. The cTrader trading software suite and NetDania mobile charting have already integrated their solutions into their respective products.

Trading Central has been delivering to market a product that focuses on chart analytics, determining a prospective direction, key levels and pivot points. While delivering technical insights for traders, the company is also focusing on covering multiple asset classes with its software.

Commenting on the announcement, the Senior Director of User Experience at Trading Central, Kathryn St. John, said: “Our partnership with ChartIQ is an important example of the growing interoperability between applications and how we as an industry can work together to deliver value for investors.”

“We’re bringing actionable analysis to world-class charts, where so many traders spend their time. This means traders can craft orders from important key levels directly from the charts, enabling faster decisions and more timely trades,” Mrs John adds.

Featured Ideas

The main product of the company, Trading Central’s Featured Ideas tool is now live and available to users of ChartIQ’s WebTrader for MT4. The trading ideas that are delivered to clients on the chart can be customized by the users.

The product also can monitor portfolios to identify patterns and notify users about technical events.

The Technical Events plugin focused on ChartIQ’s HTML5 Charting Library allows customers to mark major trend shifts directly on the chart. Customers are then encouraged to utilize the tool to determine the future direction of the market when similar events occur.

“Having Trading Central’s expertise in market research and integrating their tools into our HTML5 Charting Library and WebTrader for MT4 products will better help our joint customers differentiate their offerings in the market,” explained Dan Schleifer, CEO and co-founder of ChartIQ.

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