ADS Securities Integrates Autochartist Tools

February 21, 2018

ADS Securities has announced the official launch of Autochartist into its trading platforms, available for use by all clients of the company.

Autochartist provides technological services, which are aimed at automating some trading decisions for clients. The integration of the system across ADS’s platforms will provide a more tech-oriented trading environment.

Autochartist Features

Autochartist is equipped with various features that can provide a more rounded trading experience, aimed at improving the overall performance and decision-making process of its users.

One of the underlying features that ordinary trading platforms are lacking is the risk calculator feature, which grants the user information and tools to self-manage risk in a portfolio.

Risk management is critical to the success of any trader, and can encompass a myriad of factors, including money management, exposure levels, diversification, volatility levels, and more.

Moreover, the Autochartist system also scans markets automatically, in order to detect potential trading opportunities. The tool employs the analysis of charts and key market levels, by using technical indicators to yield a concise conclusion.

In addition, users receive a market report at no additional cost, up to 3 times per day, which outline market patters and trends, which could induce beneficial information for traders.

An analysis of market volatility is also conducted, thereby granting traders information regarding fluctuations of numerous assets at any given time.

Comments from Both Sides

Ilan Azbel, Chief Executive and Founder of Autochartist commented: “ADS Securities’ focus on high net worth and institutional clients puts our tools in front of a unique audience that will maximize their use.”

Head of Retail Sales at ADS Securities, Jason Hughes, said: “With the introduction of our new website we have been able to provide all our clients with significantly increased number of educational and trading tools.  Having Autochartist on-board will provide additional benefits for our traders.”


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