Sen. Josh Hawley: The China threat is real and big business is a sellout. Here's what Congress must do now

Sen. Josh Hawley: The China threat is real and big business is a sellout. Here's what Congress must do now

May 25, 2021

Can the Biden administration stand up to China?

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo joins ‘Fox News Primetime’ to discuss the White House’s approach to the Chinese Communist Party

This week the Senate is debating legislation to improve our competitiveness with respect to China. The goal is a fine one. But shoveling money to left wing research institutes won’t achieve it. We must take action to empower our own workers while holding China accountable. 

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) represents an existential threat to the United States. There is broad, bipartisan agreement on this challenge. For decades, China has seized our intellectual property, flooded our country with cheap imports, gutted our industrial base, stolen our jobs, and lured American corporations abroad. With American dollars and technology, they’ve financed a regional and global strategy bent on domination.

The real sellouts to China are mega billion-dollar corporations that are obsessively wedded to the Chinese market. From Big Tech to Wall Street to Nike, the NBA, and Disney, big business is embracing the values of the CCP. Several multi-national corporations have allegedly taken advantage of forced labor in China and elsewhere, effectively choosing slaves over American workers. 

This is shameful. It is wrong. And it holds our country back.  

Just this week, we saw new reports describing how Apple, America’s wealthiest company, has caved to the Chinese government time and again. After years of pumping money into China, now Apple is doing the CCP’s bidding. To appease China, Apple won’t even call the iPhone an American product anymore. 

Any bill from Congress that focuses on our competitiveness with China must ensure that U.S.-based corporations are required to shift their focus back to where it belongs: American workers and American values. 

How can we even dream of passing legislation to compete with China if we don’t try to bring these jobs home? 

Rather than making a bet on special interests, let’s make a bet on American workers. Let’s give them the opportunity to compete on fair terms through corporate transparency and protective tariffs. That’s how we revitalize our economy and beat China in the decades to come. 


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