Lindsey Graham says Trump is 'mad at some folks' over impeachment trial but is 'ready to move on'

Lindsey Graham says Trump is 'mad at some folks' over impeachment trial but is 'ready to move on'

February 14, 2021
  • Lindsey Graham said that Trump is “ready to move on” after his impeachment acquittal.
  • Graham conceded that Trump was still “mad at some folks.”
  • Graham said that McConnell’s Saturday speech condemning Trump’s actions could hurt the GOP in 2022.
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GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham, a top ally of former President Donald Trump, said on Sunday that Trump is “ready to move on” after the Senate voted to acquit the former president in his second impeachment trial.

During an appearance on “Fox News Sunday,” the South Carolina Republican told host Chris Wallace that Trump “was grateful to his lawyers” and “he appreciated the help that all of us have provided.”

Graham added: “He’s ready to move on and rebuild the Republican Party. He’s excited about 2022. I’m going to go down to talk with him next week, play a little golf in Florida. And I said Mr. President, this MAGA [Make America Great Again] movement needs to continue.”

The effort to convict Trump for “incitement of insurrection” fell short by a 57-43 margin. A conviction required two-thirds of the Senate or 67 votes.

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While Trump is basking in escaping yet another impeachment conviction, Graham said that the former president is still “mad at some folks.”

Wallace was then asked if Trump was upset with GOP Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, who voted to acquit the former president, while also deeming him as “morally responsible for provoking” the January 6 Capitol riots.

“I think Senator McConnell’s speech, he got a load off his chest, but unfortunately put a load on the back of Republicans,” Graham said. “That speech you will see in 2022 campaigns. I would imagine, if you’re a Republican running in Georgia, Arizona, New Hampshire where we have a chance to take back the Senate, they may be playing Senator McConnell’s speech and asking you about it if you’re a candidate.”

He added: “I think his speech is an outlier regarding how Republicans feel about all this.”

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