Kentucky principal seen right up front at student's 'Like A Virgin' performance in newly surfaced video

Kentucky principal seen right up front at student's 'Like A Virgin' performance in newly surfaced video

October 29, 2021

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Video has surfaced of a Kentucky principal, who is currently  in hot water for taking part in a “man pageant” event where scantily clad students performed lap dances on school staff including him, taking in a performance from a male student performing Madonna’s “Like A Virgin.”

The video, posted by journalist Nate Bryan, shows Hazard High School principal Donald “Happy” Mobelini during a 2020 homecoming event egging on a male student wearing a dress as he performs Madonna’s hit song and at one point dances up close and personal with Mobelini.

(Hazard High School Athletics Facebook Page)

The video surfaces the same week Mobelini, who is also Hazard’s mayor, was seen in photos posted to the school’s athletic department’s Facebook page taking part in a Homecoming week “man pageant” where students performed lap dances on staff members, including Mobelini, and paraded around in Hooters outfits. 

In a statement regarding the incident, School Superintendent, Sondra Combs, said that the event was “not the type of event that typically occurs here at Hazard High School” and  “there has never been any issue raised prior to this year.”

Combs added that disciplinary action has been taken against individuals involved but did not elaborate on what type of punishment and who it was given to.

Additionally, it was reported this week that Mobelini is facing a lawsuit over a 2019 field trip he was chaperoning where a female student says she was raped by a male student. The students reportedly had access to alcohol during the trip and the unnamed female student claims that Mobelini and two other teachers failed to properly chaperone the students and investigate her claim.

Hazard High School Athletics Facebook Page

Mobelini and the other teachers have asked for the case to be dismissed.

Mobelini has not responded to multiple requests for comment from Fox News.

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