I proudly voted for the bipartisan infrastructure bill. Now we must pass the Build Back Better Act

I proudly voted for the bipartisan infrastructure bill. Now we must pass the Build Back Better Act

November 15, 2021

Biden delivers remarks on his Build Back Better Agenda and the Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal

On November 5 we showed that our Congress is capable of coming together on a bipartisan basis to ensure that America leads in the 21st century. Democrats and Republicans voted to pass legislation that will rebuild our roads and bridges and make sure every American has clean drinking water and access to high-speed internet. 

Now, we have another opportunity to deliver for the American people with the Build Back Better Act. It’s time to lay the foundation for America’s future, strengthen the working and middle class, unleash economic growth, and ensure we can compete with China to win the 21st century.

The Build Back Better Act will create good paying jobs for people in rural communities. When I visited Paintsville, Kentucky, I spoke with workers who had recently lost their coal jobs. They made it clear that they weren’t interested in government handouts. What they wanted was a fair shot at success. 

This legislation will ensure that every American gets that shot starting from childhood and regardless of their zip code. It includes free preschool for 3- and 4- year olds and provides families with affordable childcare. 

BALTIMORE, MD – NOVEMBER 10: U.S. President Joe Biden speaks about the recently passed $1.2 trillion Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act at the Port of Baltimore on November 10, 2021 in Baltimore, Maryland. President Biden will sign the bill on Nov. 15 where he plans to bring Democrats and Republicans to the White House for a ceremony to mark the bipartisan bill’s passage. 
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For those struggling to find work or stuck in dead-end jobs, it creates new, good-paying clean energy jobs while also boosting the competitiveness of existing industries like steel and aluminum. And it currently ensures paid family leave, which will help strengthen families across this country and allow individuals to care for themselves or loved ones who fall sick or get injured.

Over the past few months, I have heard from Americans who support these policies, but are concerned they will increase inflation and create new supply chain disruptions. In fact, the bill will do the opposite. It fights inflation by increasing our productive capacity and putting more money in the pockets of the working class. That’s money that can go directly towards paying for groceries, gas, and transportation. 

The Build Back Better Act will also make it easier for companies to hire additional workers, produce more goods, and get them to market quicker — reducing the bottlenecks we are experiencing now that have caused high prices. 

And the bill, which is less than 1% of our GDP, is fully paid for. Not by you, but by the big corporations and the top 1% of earners currently exploiting tax deductions and loopholes to avoid paying their fair share in taxes. So don’t listen to those who say the Build Back Better is going to continue to balloon our national debt- it’s simply not true. If your yearly income is less than $400,000 a year, moreover, you won’t pay a penny more. In fact, many will get a tax cut with the child tax credit and increased SALT deductions.

While we’ve been spending trillions on tax breaks for the ultra-wealthy and big corporations, China has been making major investments in infrastructure, green energy and artificial intelligence. 

The Build Back Better Act includes language from my bipartisan Endless Frontier Act to advance our country’s leadership in scientific and technological innovation and prevent China from stealing our intellectual property and using it to dominate emerging technologies. 

America has always come together in the face of big challenges. Ensuring that America outcompetes China should motivate us all to get behind the Build Back Better Act. It’s an investment in the future of all Americans, something well worth supporting.

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