Elizabeth Warren to Release a ‘Deeply Personal’ New Book, Persist, Next Year

Elizabeth Warren to Release a ‘Deeply Personal’ New Book, Persist, Next Year

December 16, 2020

Sen. Elizabeth Warren will be releasing a new book in April, her publisher announced Wednesday.

Warren, a law professor and consumer advocate-turned-lawmaker, has written dozens of books but says her upcoming release will be “especially personal.”

The book, Persist, is due out April 20.

“I wrote Persist because I remain as committed as ever to fighting for an America that works for everyone,” Warren said in a statement.

“I bring the pieces of who I am to the fight for real change,” she said, “and I passionately believe that we are in a moment when extraordinary changes are possible.”

Warren was one of the major contenders for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination earlier this year before dropping out in March. (She has written previous books about her life and politics, including 2014's A Fighting Chance.)

Warren — a leading progressive in the Senate calling for reforms to healthcare, economic inequality and other issues — enjoyed strong liberal support early in this year's primary race (and attacks from President Donald Trump). She received the third-most delegates behind President-elect Joe Biden and fellow progressive Sen. Bernie Sanders, who briefly led the primary contest himself.

Warren dropped out, however, after a dismal showing on “Super Tuesday,” failing to win any of the 14 states that day — even coming in third in her home state of Massachusetts.

“I refuse to let disappointment blind me — or you — to what we’ve accomplished,” Warren told her supporters after ending her presidential campaign. “We didn’t reach our goal, but what we have done together — what you have done — has made a lasting difference.”

Warren’s publisher, Henry Holt & Company, says Persist will not be a campaign memoir. The book will touch on the 2020 race and will be “a deeply personal book and a powerful call to action, which Warren lays out plans and policies to create big, structural change."

According to the press release, Warren "will write about six experiences and perspectives that have influenced her life and advocacy."

Financial details about the publishing deal have not been announced.

The publisher says portions of Warren's proceeds in the book will be donated to the Greater Boston Food Bank, the Food Bank of Western Massachusetts, the Worcester County Food Bank and the Merrimack Valley Food Bank.

The book's title comes from a headline-grabbing interaction on the Senate floor between Warren and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell in 2017. McConnell had cited an obscure rule in an effort to get Warren to stop speaking, as she read a letter from civil rights leader Coretta Scott King.

“Sen. Warren was giving a lengthy speech. She had appeared to violate the rule,” McConnell, 78, said then. “She was warned. She was given an explanation. Nevertheless, she persisted.”

Warren has associated herself with the phrase “she persisted” since her presidential campaign, and former First Daughter Chelsea Clinton adopted the phrase for the title of her own book series focused on powerful women throughout history.

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